Louis Tomlinson meets a girl with a mysterious past, theres something about her that peeks his curiousity causing him to fall deep into a place that he has never been before. Bella just wants to fit in more than anything, and when Louis comes along making that possible she doesnt know what to make of it. Not ever having let anyone in Bella works at tearing down her own walls to let this famous popstar in, but when tradgedy strikes and Bella breaks, will Louis be able to pick up the pieces? Or break under the pressure?


1. Haunted


      Louis POV

       I'm scarred, I don't know why. People surround me, their voices echoing around in my head. I'm not me, I'm in someone else's body, and all I know is I'm scared. I want to help them but all I can do is sit by and watch. I try to move my feet but they stay glued to the ground. Everyone's laughing at me, shoving me. Why don't I do something? What's wrong with me? I close my eyes and try to block them all out, when I open them I jolt awake from my haunted dream.

        I haven't been able to sleep lately, I relive my dream every night and do what I can to avoid it as much as possible. Being on tour this doesn't really help me much considering the minimal amount of time we have to sleep anyways. But last night was the last leg of the tour, and now I'm on my way home. My only hope is that once I'm in my own bed these terrible dreams will stop. I cant help but have this feeling that the person in my dream is really out there, but that's crazy right? "You okay mate?" My band mate and best friend Harry Styles asks jerking me out of my thoughts. "Yea, yea." I respond rubbing my eyes and stretching as the plane starts to land. From here we would all be getting off and heading in our own direction. (No pun intended).

         II grab my bags and stand up walking off the plane to a mob of paparazzi and fans, the fans I didn't mind, they got us here in the first place, but the paparazzi, we had no respect for them. Security surrounds me and leads me to my next gate where my own plane is waiting. Off to home I finally go.

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