Louis Tomlinson meets a girl with a mysterious past, theres something about her that peeks his curiousity causing him to fall deep into a place that he has never been before. Bella just wants to fit in more than anything, and when Louis comes along making that possible she doesnt know what to make of it. Not ever having let anyone in Bella works at tearing down her own walls to let this famous popstar in, but when tradgedy strikes and Bella breaks, will Louis be able to pick up the pieces? Or break under the pressure?


2. Dread


  Bella's POV

              I don't want to go is the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up. My shoulder throbs from where it made contact with the lockers yesterday afternoon. I hate it here, I want to move, go to a new school, where no one knows me. I can start fresh.

              Everyone has this perfect idea that your senior year of high school is supposed to be the best year of your life, but for me its just another chapter of my dreadful life. A few years ago my mom and dad were killed in a car accident, I was 16. They shouldn't have died, they died because of me. I was at a party, a party that ended up being the downfall of my high school social status (not that I had much of one anyways.)

            For a while I was actually having fun, flirting with a couple of guys, who I thought were into me. It all ended up being an act. After they pressured me into getting a few drinks into me they tried getting me to do...some...things......I wasn't really comfortable with. After that I don't remember much, its all a blur. Somehow my brain managed to block out all the bad things that happened that night, except for my parents death. I called them to come pick me up, and they died on they drive down, that's all I know from what my older brother Damon told me. Ever since then my life has been pretty rough.

     I get up walk over to my bathroom and splash some cold water on my face, pulling me out of my sleep induced haze. My scares glowed bright red under the dim light. Blood streaked my arms a bit, evidence that the had started bleeding again during the night. I look at the time quickly clean them, throw a few Band-Aids on top of them and rush to get dressed, I skip breakfast and sling my bag over my shoulder ready for another day of torture.

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