My Brothers

*For the Salvage competition*
At first, I didn't believe it either. But the gods of Olympus are real. And sometimes, these gods have children with humans. I'm one of them. My name is Devon Castellan. And I am the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea and May Castellan. I was given a quest by my father. I was to find my brother, Percy, and help him. Help him save the Olympus and give him some important information. But I never thought that I was Luke Castellan's brother.


5. Five

I heard the Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson were going into the labyrinth tomorrow. And I still haven't thought of a plan.

It's been two weeks since I destroyed the mirror. I have some friends here. And I sort of have a girl that I like.

My best friend so far is a girl from Aphrodite cabin. Her name is Artemis. Artemis Athena Penelope. I know, it is a very odd name.

I mean, her mother's Aphrodite, but her name is Artemis Athena? I personally think it's a little too weird...

Artemis doesn't seem to care about that though. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has brunette hair and green eyes.

I sort of love her, but for now, she's just my best friend. She's really nice and tries to hide her beauty by wearing jeans and a normal T-shirt instead of a dress or a skirt.

I think that she doesn't like wearing dresses and skirts. I visit her sometimes in her cabin, and I learned that she is like the messiest person there is.

Books, clothes, and shoes are scattered all over her bed. She told me that those are all the things she has.

But she doesn't own a make-up kit or even a lipstick. I think that's why no one in Aphrodite cabin really likes her.  

Anyway, all she owns are jeans, normal pants, shorts, and T-shirts. But she reads a lot. I think she reads for like 5 hours a day!

I haven't told Artemis my secret because I'm afraid that she'll try to pull herself into this. And it's way too dangerous for a delicate Aphrodite girl.

I think Artemis sort of likes Percy because her face turns red when I talk about him.

She always says he's so cool. Ok, never mind about saying that "I think" Artemis likes Percy. Artemis is totally crushing on Percy. She's crazy about him.

I get mad at Percy sometimes because of that. Sometimes, I want to tell Artemis that I love her, but then, I'm afraid that she'll be mad at me or try to avoid me.

I was thinking, when Artemis suddenly came in. Luckily, Percy was with Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson, probably working on their plan.

I was thinking of ways to follow Percy without getting noticed.

Then, suddenly, Artemis sat down besides me. I blushed, because she was so close

I said, "Hey, Artemis. What brings you here?"

Artemis laughed.

"You should've seen your face when you finally noticed that I was sitting right next to you! It was hilarious. And I'm here because you seem to be hiding something from me, Dev. What is it?"

I gulped. Should I tell her or not? I didn't know what to do... But didn't Poseidon say that I'm not supposed to tell anyone about the quest? It's been like two weeks since I met him, so I didn't exactly remember every single word he said...

I said, "I'm sorry, Artemis... I don't think I can tell you. It's a big deal and I don't want you to be involved. It might get you killed. And I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone. And if you know, you'll try to help, and then, that would just make me feel like I'm responsible if you die. And I want you to live, Artemis."

Artemis held my hand. Her hand was warm. I was blushing.

She was in her serious face as she told me, "Devon, you're my best friend and I am stronger than you think. I've been in Camp Half-Blood for two years now. I've trained a lot and I'm a pretty skilled warrior. I have my perfect weapon. I can help you, Dev. The thing that you have to do will be easier with me. And I think I'll think I'm responsible for your death if you do this thing alone and get killed."

I shook my head.

"Artemis, I don't want you to get in this. It's really complicated and dangerous. Don't think about it. Please, Artemis."

Artemis told me, firmly, "Just tell me."

I sighed and said, "I have to help Percy defeat Kronos. Poseidon told me to do it. I have to do it."

Artemis blushed at the sound of Percy's name. I rolled my eyes.

I asked, "You love Percy right?"

Artemis shook her head wildly.

"No I don't! You're just trying to get me embarrassed! And anyway, I can help you. I'll love to help Percy!"

I shouted, "I know it! You love Percy! I know you do! Is that why you are befriending me? Are you just trying to get Percy to notice you or something? Are you just using me?"

Artemis looked panicked.

"No, Devon! I think of you as a friend! But I do admit, I like Percy! He's like my hero! And I'll never use you! I really want to help!"

I shouted, "Stop making excuses! Just get out of my cabin."

Artemis didn't move. So I decided to get away from her myself. I stormed out of the room and ran to the lake.

I sat by the water and said, "Dad? Have you ever felt like you want to know what your friend's thinking?"

No answer came.

"Of course not, you're a god! You can look into people's minds. At least, I think. Anyway, you won't have to worry about friend relationships. But I do. I'm a demigod. Who's stuck without friends and is heartbroken."

No answer came.

I stood up and took my shirt off. I knew that I won't get wet, but I didn't like that feeling when water went through my shirt.

I threw my shirt on a nearby rock and jumped into the lake. I don't know how long I stayed in the lake.

But I just swam around, and played. It was fun. And it sort of made me forget about what happened between Artemis and me.

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