Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


3. starting the new life!!

Camryn's pov

We were all in the plane half asleep when the flight attendant woke us up telling us we would be landing soon and thanking us for choosing the airline.

Eleanor's pov

I get out my phone to text Louis to see if him and the boys are here.



E-Hey are you guys here the plane just landed we are in terminal C?

L-Ya were waiting by the gates of terminal C waiting for you guys!

E-K see you in a few!


Caitlyn's pov

We all walk off the plane and over to the gates to go see the boys. Once I laid my eyes on Zayn I ran into his arms and jump into his arms and kiss him and hug him while he tells me how much he missed me.

Eleanor's pov

I put my phone in my pocket and walk off the plane with the girls and go over to the gates to see the boys. When I saw Louis I ran up behind him and put my things down and covered his eyes with my hands and told him to guess who it was. He said " umm... is it the pizza guy?? He said with a smirk on his face. I said "nope guess again!" "Eleanor??" "Yes you sir are correct." I take my hands off his eyes and he turns around to face me and we hug and kiss each other and tell how much we missed/love each other.

Tess's pov

We all walk off the plane and walk over to the gates and to go see the boys. I put my things down and walk up behind Niall and jump on his back and say "aaaaaaaah! Guess who it is!" He said "oh I love guessing things! Is it Tess? By any chance?" "Yes come here." Niall turned around and kissed me and I say how I miss him love him,

Jade's pov

As we walk over to the gates I start to see the boys over near a gate and a wall so I decide to run over to Liam and hug his waist and kiss him on the cheek and he looked down at me and pulled me into him for a hug and gave me a long kiss.

Camryn's pov

We're all walking over to the gates to greet the boys when I see some long curly locks and see Harry leaning against a wall looking around for I'm guessing me and the girls. I walk over to him and call his name he looks over to me and smiles at me i ran up to him and gave him a kiss and warped my arms around him for a hug.

Zayn's pov

We all exchanged hugs for each other and then me and the boys helped the girls with the luggage and boxes to the van. Paul came in and helped to so we wouldn't get mobbed like last time! So when we reached the parking lot everyone all waited for Paul to unlock the back of the van so we could put the luggage/boxes inside.

Niall's pov

We put the things in the back and started to pile in the van and go to the house to unpack everything since the 10 of us lived together! The seating arrangement in the car was Paul up front driving and no one in the passenger seat. Then in the middle row was Zayn and Caitlyn on his lap with Liam and Jade next to them with Jade on his lap and in the back was Louis and Eleanor with her in his lap and then me next to them with Tess in his lap and Harry next me with Camryn on his lap.

Louis's pov

The car ride was short so we didn't really do much except talk to each other and catch up really. I was just so happy to see Eleanor I really missed her I mean I haven't seen her in about 3 months and I have loved her for like 2 years I really can't wait to ask her on a date so I can ask her to marry me!! When we got home everyone got out of the car and grabbed the things in the back of the van and lugged it inside to unpack. Me and the guys helped obviously and Paul unlocked the door since all of our hands were full.

Liam's pov

We all walked inside and showed the girls to the rooms they were going to be in I showed Jade mine and her room which was upstairs. The same with Niall and Louis. The others were down stairs because they had rooms downstairs. After I helped Jade unpack we went downstairs it only took about 30 minutes. Everyone was all unpacked and was showing the girls the rest of the house I showed Jade as well!

Authors note:

Hey guys ok I know it is kinda a short chapter but I'll update soon thanks lots of love!! -M

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