Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


23. skyping and lunch

El's pov

After posting the tweet I ran upstairs with tears streaming down my face. I opened the door to mine and Lou's room and sat on the bed.

I laid there for a minute putting my hands on my small little baby bump that started forming and looked up at the ceiling thinking about why people were saying those things about me.

About 15 minutes into laying in the bed I got my laptop out and started a call on skype with Lou.

E-"hey how you doing."

L-"good we have a show in a little so I can't talk long."

E-"oh ok I'll make it quick then."

L-"ok what's up?"

E-"oh the fans are saying things about me like I'm a slut or a whore and all that."

L-"I'll handle it don't worry. They're just jealous."

E-"oh ok and I found out what the baby is today they came out with some new machine thingy that can tell you the gender earlier now."

L-"cool what is it I really want to know!"

E-it's a boy!"

L-"oh my god that's awesome I wanted a boy to!"

E-"I know I did to!"

L-"well I gotta go we have to go on stage ill talk to you soon and we get to come home the end of next week management is letting us come home early."

E-"that's awesome yay and ok I'll cya soon and I'll talk to you later on."

*end of convo*

I got out of the room after I put the laptop away and went downstairs to see the girls yelling at each other over who can pick what to watch on tv.

I said"hey girls stop it I have an announcement to make to all of you! First off Lou told me they get to come home the end of next week and that management is letting them come home early.

Next I found out today that me and Lou are having a baby boy!"

"Awesome omg I'm so happy for you and Lou and they get to come home early yaaaaaaaay!" They all said in excitement.

" I know to celebrate let's go for lunch."

"Ya let's do it!" Tess said.

Authors note: thanks to everyone that's been reading. It means a lot. Nearly almost done with the fanfic! Wow I can't believe it thanks. Carry on to your lives.

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