Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


21. movie night

Camryn's pov

We all left when the guys boarded their plane then we decided to head back home since we were sad from the guys leaving.

When we got home we watched movies for the remainder of the night since it was raining like always in London.

We watched paranormal activity 1,2,and 3. Then we watched This Is Us. During This Is Us we all cried because we missed the boys so much I don't even know how we ended up watching the movie.

Caitlyn's pov

During the whole time This Is Us was on El cried the most cuz of her hormones all spazzing out.

When the all the movies were over I looked at my phone to see what time it was cuz Tess wanted to know it was 7:45 and we all were hungry and didn't want to cook so we ordered Chinese food.

When the food got here we all pigged out cuz we didn't eat anything all day.

Jades pov

After eating and chatting we decided to go to clean the house because it was a wreck due to the boys being rowdy all the time and messing everything up.

I cleaned the bathrooms. Caitlyn cleaned the kitchen. Tess cleaned the den. Then Camryn and El cleaned all the bedrooms.

We finished around 9:30 and then went to bed since we spent almost 2 hours cleaning the house and because there was nothing else to do.

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