Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


2. leaving for London

Jades pov

We were our way to go pick up Camryn and Caitlyn who are Zayn's and Harry's girlfriends. About 5 minutes of sitting in silence Eleanor decides to put on the radio we all screamed when we heard half a heart play on the radio and we start to jam out in the car and singalong with the boys. Right when the song ended we pulled up to Camryn's house Eleanor beeped the horn signaling her to come out.

As she comes out with her boxes and bags she walks over to the car and is wearing her purple tank top shirt that says "love" on it and in white skinny jeans and black heels. With her brunette/ombré hair straitened. She walked over to us and looked at us with her piercing green/blue eyes and smiled in excitement because we haven't seen the boys in about 3 months and we were all happy. We exchanged our hugs and hellos, then again pulled in the car with me and Camryn in the back seat with Eleanor and Tess up front. Next stop was to get Caitlyn. We pulled out if Camryn's driveway and drove to Caitlyn's house.

*skip car ride*

We pull up in Caitlyn's apartment driveway and wait for her to come out. She comes out in a pink crop top and a black pair of shorts with black heels. With her reddish/brownish hair parted in a side braid. She came over to us with her things and we put it in the back of the car with all the other things.

Tess's pov

We are finally on our way to the airport when Niall texted me.



N-Hey you guys in the plane yet I can't wait to see you I miss you soo much x <3

T-Ya we are on are way now we had to get Camryn and Caitlyn but were on our way I think we are almost there I'll text you when we get in the plane and get situated. Kk? Oh and miss you to babe xx!<3

N-K that sounds good bye I will talk to you soon love you x

T-alrighty love you to x

*skip another car ride*

We get to the airport and we all pile out the car and get our things and walk into the airport to the luggage area to get our luggage checked and in the mean time Eleanor went to go get the tickets for us while the rest of us just stayed there at luggage claim.

Eleanor's pov

I walk over to the desk where a older woman was standing in front of her computer looking at it till she noticed I was there and said "Yes how may I help you?" I say to her "Hi can I have 5 tickets to the next flight to London please?" "Why sure you can." And she hands the tickets to me and gives me a smile so I gave her a small smile back. I walked over to the girls and gave each of them their own ticket and Jade and Tess each got excited because they both got window seats. We took our luggage and walked over to where the plane was being borded and handed the tall man our tickets and walked into the plane and looked for our seats.

Once we got situated and everything we am sat down and buckled up in the seat and relaxed. The seating was me and Jade then behind us was Tess at the window and Caitlyn in the middle with Camryn outside of the row. We all just sat back and relaxed waiting for the long flight to be over.

Authors note

Hey I wanted to announce the winners which where Camryn992 who is going to be Harry's girl Camrynand Nialler's princess13 as Zayn's girl Caitlyn and Danceismylife will be playing as Emilie who is going to be Liam's cousin I added someone else because I thought having one of the guys have a cousin involved would be cool!! Hope you guys like my story so far I'll update more soon thanks lots of love! -M

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