Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


43. last night in the house and truth or dare

Caitlyn's pov

I'm sitting in the living with 9 of my closest friends watching Finding nemo.

Don't judge it's a good movie!

We were siting there till the end and Louis decided on playing a evil game of truth or dare.

We all sat in a circle on the middle of the floor.

Zayn started saying "Truth or dare Harry?"

Harry thought for a moment and said "Dare!" With a devious look on his face.

Zayn then said "I dare you to switch clothes with Camryn for the rest of the game!"

He nodded and took Camryn's hand and pulled her to the bathroom.

5 minutes later Camryn came out with a long white t-shirt on and a black pair of skinny jeans that were a little to big for her.

Harry came out with a pink blouse on and a pair of white skinny jeans which were a little to tight in him and the blouses buttons not fully buttoned.

We all burst out in laughter and everyone sat down and called themselves down.

Then Harry said "Louis truth or dare?"

Louis looks at Harry with a smirk and says "Dare!"

Harry says "I dare you to make out with El for 1 minute."

He looked at El and presses his lips to her and they just started smuggling each other enjoying he moment.

After a little more than a minute they pulled away from each other.

Then Louis said "Caitlyn truth or dare?"

I said "Oh god I'm gonna go with truth because I know how you are with dares." I laughed at my statement.

Louis then said "Ugh ok then,what do you love most about Zayn?"

I looked into Zayn's eyes and said "Oh this is easy I love how nice he is to me and how I can tell him anything and how he is caring! Oh I also love his laugh and smile."

When I finished I kisses Zayn slowly but lustly.

I then said "Niall truth or dare?"

He looked around at everyone and said "I'll go with a dare!"

I smile and say "Ok I dare you to eat a whole spoonful of ketchup!"

He gets up and everyone followed him to the kitchen.

He got out a spoon and the ketchup. He as squirted the ketchup on the spoon filling it up.

Everyone made a gagging noise as Niall swallowed the ketchup!

He made a face and ran for the sink.

I laughed and so did everyone else.

He finished spitting up the ketchup and said "Don't ever do that! I warn you all!"

We kept laughing till Tess said "Just so you know I'm not kissing you till you get rid of that ketchup smell in your breath and I think I'm all set with truth or dare for the night in tired!"

She pulled Niall's wrist and walked upstairs.

Everyone else decided to go to sleep since we had to get up early since we were leaving tomorrow for lake crystal. I can't wait!!

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