Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


35. first night away from home

El's pov

Me and Lou reach the house we get inside to see Joannah cooking and the girls playing with Sam.

I look over at Lou and smile. He grabs my hand and says "Is he getting annoying to you girls?" to the girls.

They shake their heads and he says "Well if you need us we will be upstairs." He pulls my hand and walk upstairs.

Louis's pov

I run to the bathroom and turn on the tub. I fill the tub with water and I start taking El's clothes off. She says "I hope you know we can't have sex." I reply with a nod and I finish taking off her clothes and then I take off mine and I sit in the tub and El sits in between my legs. I won't lie my little tommo did start rising but I know I can't do anything more.

I start giving El a massage and we start talking again about tour and what we were gonna do when goes back to work and what we will do with Sam.

We finish getting dressed in our pajamas and I walk down stairs and get Sam to feed him.

I walked back up to see El brushing her hair. I say to her "Hi momma."

She laughs and says "hey daddy."

I set Sam in the play pen and I tell her it's feeding time and ask her if she wants me to feed him a bottle or no."

She looks at me and says "that would be nice if you did I'm to tired to nurse right now."

I pat her shoulder and walk over to Sam's bottle bag and get out a bottle and a formula and a bib with a rag.

I mix it in the bottle and pick Sam up from out of the play pen.

I sit on the bed and start feeding him.

I finish feeding him and lift him up lightly and start patting his back to burp him.

El finished her hair and came out and said "awwwww my two favorite boys."

I laugh at her and notice Sam fell asleep.

I walk over to the play pen and lay him in it.

I walk over to El and kiss her and say "I love you."

She replies and said "I love you more."

We kiss each other and walk out the door and head downstairs.

authors note:Hey omg Lou nd El were in the tub together omg thts soo cute! The question for this chapter is do you prefer 1D or 5sos? I prefer 1D no offense to people who like 5sos! Luv ya carrots!

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