Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


11. announcement

Jades pov

Me and Liam walk out of the restaurant and over to the car. As we walked over to the car a couple fans spotted us and asked for autographs and pictures and things like that. One of them was taking a picture with me and noticed a ring on my finger. I looked at Liam and gave him a look to let him know to help me out on what to say.

He said "oh no don't worry it's just a promise ring."

We got in the car and headed home.

*skip car ride*

Liam's pov

I get out the car and go around to jades side and open her door to let her out. We walk up to the house and open up the door and walk in to see Louis chasing El around the house because he had her phone. Harry and Camryn at the kitchen table laughing and Everyone else in the living room enjoying themselves and watching Louis and El bicker back and fourth about the phone.

Me and Jade walk over to everyone and I say "Hey guys can we tell you something?" Everyone walked over to the living room to sit down. They looked at each other with confused faces.

Jades pov

"We have an announcement!" I say soon after Louis makes a comment saying "Liam you better not have gotten the girl pregnant!" Liam says "No Louis I didn't!" Louis just laughs at him and the way Liam commented back. "So anyways as I was saying the announcement is that me and Liam are getting married!!"

Everyone's jaws drop in shock and then after a couple minutes they all congratulate us with clapping and saying congrats.

Authors note:

Sorry the chapter is short I'm tired. Anyway comment how you feel about Lade (Liam and Jade) getting married. Thanks lots of love.-M

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