Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


6. A New Everything

WARNING SEX SCEEN COMING UP KEEP CAUTION!!!! If you don't feel comfortable reading that part skip it!

Eleanor's pov

We reached the house all at the same time. Everyone pilled out the cars and Liam got out his keys to unlock the door.

After about 5 minutes of him fiddling with the doorknob he finally got it to unlock and everyone walked in laughing at him.

He kept saying it wasn't funny when it clearly was. After the laughing fit everyone walked into their rooms to go to bed since it was 11:00 at night and the girls and I had jetlag.

I took Louis's hand and pulled him upstairs into our room. I closed the door behind me and ran over to him and kissed his neck and he moaned at my touch from me giving him a love bite. He started to pick me up by my bum onto his waist I warped my legs around him.

He walked over to the bed and placed me down and started to take off his shirt and socks and shoes. I start to take off my heels and dress leaving my bra and panties on. He walks over I me in his boxers. We start to make out and he grabs the clasp of my bra and unhooked it. Exposing my breasts. Then I started to rub his length.

I started to kiss his bare chest and I left a couple love bites while he started to kiss my skin under my ear. Leaving a love bite. He started to take off my panties and I took off his boxers.

We started to make out again and he was rubbing the bottom lip with his tongue begging for entrance I gladly let him. Our tongues were swirling around when I suddenly felt him pull me down in front if him and he started to enter my body. He thrusted slow at first and a moan escaped my mouth as his pace quickened.

He began to thrust slower as he came closer to his climax and I was reaching mine to. The last thrust he had he let out a loud gasp. I moaned in pleasure we both finished up and laid down and went to sleep.

Authors note:

That was kinda awkward writing that out but oh well hope you guys like it and for the rest of the book I will be adding in Liam's cousin Emilie. Keep reading lots of love-M

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