Half a Heart

Moving in with the boys of One Direction seems fun, but when it's five girls don't you think it could get hectic? What about when it's time to move out? Go one with separate lives,will fate bring them back together?


25. 6 months later and baby names

El's pov

I look down at my now big stomach. I get out of bed and walk over to my wardrobe and pick out new clothes. I grab black yoga pants and a matching t-shirt and track suit jacket. With my sneakers.

I set the clothes on the bed and kiss Louis which makes him mumble in his sleep. Then I walk to the bathroom.

I turn on the shower and get in. I rinse out my shampooed hair and then put in conditioner. I rinse that out and start to wash my body and all the other lady stuff.

I get out of the shower and walk out of the bathroom. I'm greeted to Louis saying good morning and giving me a kiss on the forehead and kissing my tummy and saying "good morning baby boy!"

I laugh and we both get dressed and walk downstairs.

When we get downstairs we see everyone doing their own thing. The boys cooking eggs and the girls making smoothies. I help the girls and Louis goes to help the boys.

While we are eating breakfast Niall and Jade ask at the same time to me and Lou "Did you guys pick any names for the baby yet?"

I replied " Actually I haven't really thought of it."

Everyone said names they thought we should name the baby.

Niall said "Andrew"

Jade said "Daniel"

Liam said "Dylan" which both me and Louis liked.

Harry said "Nathaniel"

Tess said "Michael"

Camryn thought for a moment before she said "Jason"

And Caitlyn said "Blake"

Zayn said "Alex" which we also liked

We told them that We liked Dylan and Alex the most. But that we'd think on the other ones to.

When we finished eating Lou told me he wanted to go out for the day just us to and the baby.

We went to the park.

When we got there we had a conversation about what the babies name should be while we took a nice walk around the park.

I said to Louis " I really like Dylan and Alex the most out of what the guys said and the girls how about you."

He said "well I liked both of them but while we were discussing it earlier a name popped up in my head."

"What was it?" I said eagerly.


"I like it I think it's good does it stand for anything like Samuel?"

"Ya Samuel."

"Wana name him that or something that the guys or girls said?"

"I think it should be something we both came up with."

"True I love the name Sam."

"I do to let's name him Samuel. Sam for short." Louis says with a smile.

"Ok Samuel it is or Sam." I say with a smirk.

We head back home since my feet started to hurt from walking.

When we got back home we told the guys and girls that we chose a name.

They all sat around in kitchen and were eager to hear what we picked.

I started with the conversation saying "we didn't pick any of the name you guys suggested but you can use them for when you guys have a baby." Then Louis said "we decided on the name Samuel or Sam for short." When we finished making the announcement everyone looked at us with smiles and we smiled back.

We piled into the living and watched a movie. Tess picked out grown ups.

I was laughing so hard that louis said "El calm down before you pee yourself or even worse pop the baby out from laughing so much ."

"I.. I.. I'm sorry.. It's just... So...funny." I said in between breaths." We finished the movie and had spaghetti for dinner we had Zayn cook. Then we played a fun game of would you rather.

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