Save me

Ashton is a girl bullied for her name as it is a boys name. She cuts herself everyday for the right reasons and is slowly giving up. A while ago louis left and joined a band,now he's back and Ashton has to show him around school. They have never talked before even when louis was her old class mate but will louis find out her secret and save her before she takes her own life? Or will he hurt her more than anyone else?


13. what just happened?

Louis walked me inside his house and brought me in to a room, which I assumed was his. It honestly wasn't that messy like I would expect it to be. He sat me down on the bed and kneeled in front of me. " ash can I look" he asked, I looked down at my stomach pulling my hands over top of it,not really giving him an answer. He placed his hands over mine making me turn my head to him instead. It's not that I was afraid of him seeing what my dad had done because I knew he already saw him do it, I was just afraid of seeing the damage my self. " remember my promise" he said starring directly into my eyes, damn why did he do that so much. I slowly nodded my head, he gave me a small, soft smile as he slowly slid my hand off of my stomach being carful not to hurt, or scare me. He looked down and grabbed the fringe of my shirt slowly lifting it up. Once he got a peek at what was left from my beating, he looked up at me. " look at me" he said and waited for a response, I knew it was bad, if he hadn't even seen all of it but made it a point for me not to look. I gave him another nod as he started to lift my shirt again. I did as he said I looked at him and not my stomach, I hissed in pain, it stung a little in all honesty. He looked back up to make sure I was ok. " is it bad" I said trying to look, but he pulled my shirt down before I could see." No don't worry love" he said standing to his feet, I could tell he was lying, but went with it anyway because I knew he was just protecting me. " I'll be right back ok" he waited to make sure it was ok to leave. " ok" I mumbled and looked down at my hand that were tucked in my lap. Then He kissed my cheek,I looked over to were he was standing but he was already gone. I brought my hand up to my cheek, and starred at the door. What just happened?

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