Save me

Ashton is a girl bullied for her name as it is a boys name. She cuts herself everyday for the right reasons and is slowly giving up. A while ago louis left and joined a band,now he's back and Ashton has to show him around school. They have never talked before even when louis was her old class mate but will louis find out her secret and save her before she takes her own life? Or will he hurt her more than anyone else?


2. school

I finally arrive at school and am able to get my books and put on my ash hat on when the bell rang. I huffed as I speed walked to class. When I got there I set my books at my desk and walked to the teachers desk. She looked up and smiled completely ignoring the fact I was late. I love my teacher ( mrs. Wess) she's the coolest teacher here and for some reason is really nice to me. " are you here to go get louis" she smiled. I laughed " I guess that's one way of putting it" she laughed and handed me a hall pass " now I know that he still knows this place like the back of his hand so I just want you to walk around for my period so that he feels comfortable getting back to school and all" she said with a wink no doubt trying to hook me up with him. She always does this she's like a good mom to me. Accept I don't want to date louis at all. I rolled my eyes as I turned on my heel walking to the office.


I walked in to the office and over to the woman at the front desk, she smiled " how may I help you sweetie" I handed her my hall pass " I was told to show the new guy around" I said as I looked down and rocked on my feet. She smiled " oh yes, your Ashton right?" I nodded not lifting my eyes." Alright sweetie he will be out of Mr. Dicks office in a moment" she smiled ( mr dick is the principle of the school, no need for students to give him a inappropriate name that slightly sounds like his, his names good already :D) " oh ok" I said as she sighed and handed back my pass." You know I work with your step mother on the weekends" she said and with that my eyes nearly bulged ] out of my head that no good hoe has a job? And works with nice people?" Where do you guys work together?" She looked up and smiled " in a small bar bout half hour from here " of course. I kind of had that in mind, well either that or hooters maybe, but knowing her that was her week job. " oh ok" I said unimpressed as I looked back down at my feet. Then door opened to dicks office and he and louis walked out with smiles. It was too cheery in here for a Thursday. When louis saw me he stopped dead in his tracks as dick introduced us but he didn't pay attention just starred at me. It was making me uncomfortable, " have a good day back" dick smiled as he walked back to his office. I swallowed hard as louis approached me I just coward and turned walking out, louis behind me. We didn't say a word to each other till the door shut and it was getting really awkward I was about to ask him if he still remembered the place when he spoke cutting me away from my thoughts." Um I didn't get your name this morning?" He said as a question unsure if he should have said anything. " oh... Um well you don't want to know my name" I said in a small voice.

Louis' pov

" ok louis it's nice to have you back, I'll take you out to see your tour guide" Mr. Dicks said as he stood up trying to make a joke. I faked a laugh as I stood up and walked to the door with him. When we got out there I looked up to see the girl from the bus stop. I stopped dead in my tracks as I looked at her. I honestly don't remember her from the last time I was here. I left to start my music currier but honestly I know that won't last forever I need an education so I have something to fall back on. I decided to finish my last two years of high school. One year at actually school and the other online as we went on tour next year. I watched as she listened to the principle I had no idea what he was saying and I didn't care. She was so beautiful, and tiny she looked as if she could still fit in her clothes from grade 6. I loved the hat she was wearing too it looked just like ash's from Pokemon. Suddenly I hear Mr Dicks door shut and I walked up to the girl. But as I got to her she turned on her heel and walked out. There was an awkward silence as we began to walk so I spoke up " um I didn't get your name this morning?" I said and there was another silence, I was beginning to think I had said something wrong." Oh... Um well you don't want to know my name" she said looking down and slowing her walking a bit. Why did she think I wouldn't want to know her name it's probably the only thing I wanted to know right now." You wouldn't like it" she said extremely quietly the only reason I heard her was because she was now walking along side of me.i still couldn't believe how much she really didn't want me to know her name, I'm sure it will beautiful I just need her to tell me.

Ashton's. Pov

He was really pushing it, we'd get into a conversation and out of nowhere he'd turn and ask my name. I mean I don't want to be rude or anything but I just feel like the moment I tell him he'll turn on me like everyone else." Can I please know your name love?" He begged. " if I tell you, your not going to like it or like me so can we stay off of the topic please" it came out harsher than I expected but I was frustrated so I guess you can't blame me. It stayed quiet for a minute something I would usually prefer but something about this silence was giving me a bad stomach, like I had done something wrong. I sighed " sorry louis, I just don't think it's that important" wrong, completely wrong. " that's fine, I didn't mean to upset you" it stayed quiet for another moment but it didn't last long before the bell rang." Fuck" I mumbled under my breath as a bunch of jocks came walking towards me and louis. They payed no mind to louis as one pushed me by my shoulders into the wall." Hey Ashton , found your dick yet?" He laughed at me. I honestly didn't know any of there names I just knew I fucking hate them. The jock was pushed off of me by someone. I looked over as louis smashed him into a locker and held him there " found yours yet extra skinny jeans" he yelled in his face. Suddenly a crowd formed around the two of them as they all cheered 'fight' as loud as possible.fuck no, fuck no I can't just have him beat up people he didn't even touch me. Well not yet anyway. I pushed through the crowd when I saw louis yelling so loud he was actually spitting in his face. The jock turned and took a glimps at me before louis pushed him harder into the lockers. What the hell am I supposed to do "hey". I yelled at him but he paid no attention " louis" I yelled again shoved him to the side " what are you trying to do get suspended the first minute you get here" his eyes grew wide as he points over to the jock " did you hear what he was saying to you" " yes louis in happens everyday, it's no big deal you don't have to go and beat people up about it, and if so you'll have one bashed up hand considering everybody does it, ok so just stop!" I yelled as I turned and pushed back people in my way to get my books and head to my next class.


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