Save me

Ashton is a girl bullied for her name as it is a boys name. She cuts herself everyday for the right reasons and is slowly giving up. A while ago louis left and joined a band,now he's back and Ashton has to show him around school. They have never talked before even when louis was her old class mate but will louis find out her secret and save her before she takes her own life? Or will he hurt her more than anyone else?


1. meet the new kid

Ashton's pov

I woke up to the sound of my loud ass alarm clock ringing in my ear. I flung my arm over and smacked the top of it until i found the button to turn it off. I slowly got up and slugged over to my bathroom that was attached my room. I looked at my tear stained makeup covered face in the mirror. Yes makeup I am a girl with the name Ashton it sucks I get make fun every day because of it. Even from my horrid father. The one who fucking named me. I looked down at the razor sitting at the edge of sink and held it in my hand. I looked up to the mirror as I squeezed tight causing several slits in all directions all over my hand. Then realizing I had school and can't hide my hand I let go. The razor fell into the sink covered in blood. I picked it back up and turned on the water washing all blood down the drain. Then I took it in my undamaged hand and put 5 new slits in the opposite wrist. I would take this as an addiction I actually crave the pain now. It took my mind away from my father, mother, school. I am now paranoid and hate and fear everyone, especially guys they scare me the most. Because of my father he beats the shit out of me and now I am afraid of anyone that can over power me. Which is not good for school, but today mostly. Today I have been 'chosen' to show the new kid around school. Everyone already knows him, he used to go to school with us not too long ago but he left, joined a band and never came back, until today. I don't know why he's coming back , and I don't really care I just care about the fact he can beat my ass any day. He is not as tough as most of the boys here but still I have to walk with him all day, I mean my arms arm practically sticks compared to him. It just makes me nervous.i quickly finished getting ready putting on thick eye liner and lodes if mascara around my blue eyes, putting on a plain white T shirt black sweat shirt and black skinny jeans fallowed by white vans. I ran a brush threw my long blond hair with what every one called ' emo bangs' and grabbed my bag and phone while walking out the door. I stuck my bag over my shoulder and buds in my ears as the sweet sound of Falling In Reverse played in my ears. It's my favorite band because of what they sing about. When the lead singer Ronnie sings about his mother leaving I can relate. She left when I was four and I hate her for it, and he hates his mom too so that's why I like it so much. I sang along as I walked to school receiving weird looks as I walked passed an unusual crowd." My daddy told me not to bite my tongue, I hate my momma cause she left me with no love, I bottled it up and sweep it under the rug" I couldn't hear my self I probably sounded like crap but I didn't care." If all the good things have to come to an end then were living in a world were the evil wins" suddenly a head popped from the center of the crowd, it was no other then louis tomlinson the new boy I would be showing around at the bus stop being mobbed by his own class mates. I would take the bus but that means more bullies so i don't. He looked at me with pleading eyes.i popped the buds out and slipped them in my pocket with my phone. I pointed to my ears telling him to cover them. He did and looked back to me as girls tore at his shirt. I can't believe I'm doing this, I pulled the Pokemon themed whistle out my pokeball backpack ( I wore Pokemon stuff as a joke cause everyone calls me ash I even have a hat that looks like his in my locker) I blew as hard as I could into the whistle making everyone jump and cover there ears, it was real loud and real squeeky. All attention turned to me as I yelled "sorry girls but the bus stop is not a strip club, he needs his clothes on" I flattened my lips as I nodded my head. They all gave me death glares except louis he was smiling " thank you" I said quieter but still loud as I turned and started to walk hoping him the best but not staying around to get my face beat in my any of them. My heart was racing that was the most I talked ever and for this guy that I not only don't know but am scared of." Hey wait up!" I heard some one yell behind me. And here it was the beat down, I froze in my tracks as louis appeared in front of me. I closed my eyes tight as I looked down " if your going to punch me do it quick" I muffled. There was a pause and silence as I prepared myself. " why would I do that?" I looked up to see louis with a questioning face " why not everyone else does" I said looking back at the ground " you saved me from becoming shirtless" he laughed. I only heard it once but I loved his laugh, it made me feel a bit happier" I wanted to thank you" he said. I was completely surprised by his words. " so let me get this straight"I said as I looked back up. " your not going to hit me, kick me, nothing?" I asked it was so unnatural for someone to approach me and not hurt me in any way." No of coarse not" he said with big eyes. " oh ok" I stuttered not knowing what else to say. " so thank you" he said in an awkward tone. " um I got to go, bye louis" I said fast getting out the awkward conversation, if you'd even call it that and walking away as fast as I could. " hey wait" he yelled to me but I ignored him and walked faster knowing now I'd most likely be late for school and knowing that louis could easily catch up to me if he wanted to.

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