Save me

Ashton is a girl bullied for her name as it is a boys name. She cuts herself everyday for the right reasons and is slowly giving up. A while ago louis left and joined a band,now he's back and Ashton has to show him around school. They have never talked before even when louis was her old class mate but will louis find out her secret and save her before she takes her own life? Or will he hurt her more than anyone else?


14. it gonna be ok

I slid my hand off my cheek and turned my head to face the floor. The words " he kissed me, on the cheek" kept playing in my head over and over, like a broken record. I know that to a normal person it wouldn't be such a big deal, but to me it was huge.and it's not because I have a crush on him, because I don't. It's huge because no ones ever done that to me before, and it was just kind of shocking and overwhelming. I heard the sound of a door closing and looked up, louis walked in and sat down next to me handing me a cup of tea he had in his hand. " It will make your stomach feel better..." He trailed off. I took a sip of the tea, warmth filled my insides making them feel good. I settled the cup in my lap holding it with both hands and rubbing the one side with my thumb. We sat in silence for a little while then louis turned to me " are you tired love" he asked kind of nervously. Placed the tea on the table that was next to the bed as I said " Um yeah, do you have a bathroom so I could wash the makeup off my face" I asked quiet but as sweetly as I could while turning towards him because he was being so nice. " yeah, of course love" he smiled standing up, pulling me up with him. He took my hand in his as he pulled me out of the room and down a hall, I did think it was a little strange he was holding my hand but, I didn't think much of it. We walked up to a door and he let go of my hand " here you go " he said, I gave him a small fake, smile as I walked in closing the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror and like I expected I had makeup running all down my cheeks. I took no time washing it off and leaving as much as I could around my eyes, so that I wasn't completely without makeup, but still looked normal and had no raccoon eyes. I walked back out of the bathroom and was surprised to see louis waiting for me. He gave me a small smile as he walked me back to the room. He sat me down on the bed and asked " does it still hurt" while looking at my waist. I didn't answer I knew he wouldn't like it if I told him yes but for some reason I didn't want to lie to him, " ash, it's ok" he said resting a hand back on my cheek. I looked up to face him and out eyes locked " you sure" I peeped and he nodded, and started leaning in slowly.

Ultimate Cliff Hanger!!! I am the master of cliff hangers, now bow to me or I'll push you off the cliff. Haha just kidding.......or am I?

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