Save me

Ashton is a girl bullied for her name as it is a boys name. She cuts herself everyday for the right reasons and is slowly giving up. A while ago louis left and joined a band,now he's back and Ashton has to show him around school. They have never talked before even when louis was her old class mate but will louis find out her secret and save her before she takes her own life? Or will he hurt her more than anyone else?


8. he knows

As I made my way to the school I could see him everywhere. Every face was his, every voice was his voice and it was driving me crazy. I ran up to the driveway of the school and just stood there staring at the building. I wanted to go, I wanted to see if he was ok but my feet wouldn't let me move any further. I huffed not knowing what to do, I tried to take a step but my feet wouldn't move. I plopped down on the side walk and just sat there. Waiting. I put my hands in my hair and grabbed two fist full, pulling as hard as I could. I sat like that until the school bell rang for 20th time and the sound of high schoolers filled the air. Louder than any other time today. So I assumed that school was over. I looked up to see people flooding out of school and into cars, with the few people who started walking up the side walk because they didn't have a ride. I looked down at my hands as they approached me, and I noticed that my hands were still heavily shaking. I could see people jump back as they saw me. I probably looked horrid, but I had no care right now. Then again, a girl sitting on the sidewalk shaking like crazy with makeup running down her face was probably scary in their perspective any way. I think the only thing that would make this creepier is if I was showing my cuts, although if never do that willingly. Suddenly all footsteps and car engines stopped and there was just silence. I wanted to leave, and go home to cut again but I couldn't bring myself to do so. No matter how much I craved it. " a-ash?" I heard a little peep from over me, I knew that voice too well, I still didn't like it. I lifted my head slowly to see a scared louis staring down at me. " hi" I said, my voice was uncontrollably shaky and gave off a depressed vibe. He kneeled down next to me and studied my face." Are you ok ash" he asked , and I could tell he was holding back tears. " no, not really" I said making my lips flat as I looked down. " w-what's wrong?" He stuttered sadness filling his voice. I didn't answer, just kept a firm stare at the gravel near me. " ash" his voice cracked. I wanted to answer him, but I couldn't, what do I tell him? It's too difficult to explain. Then there was a silence were we both sat there not speaking a word to each other.a silence I was too scared to break. And in my chest I could feel my heart pounding and I felt like I was going to through up. I felt my breathing quicken, as I scrunched up into a little ball pulling on two fist fulls of hair. " ash" louis croaked, sounding extremely scared, and I was too I had no idea what was happening. I felt the need to scream but I huffed and puffed to try to suppress it. " I'm sorry" I whispered. He didn't answer, so I thought I should say it again "louis I'm really, really sorry" I sniffled. I looked up to louis and locked eyes with his. My bottom lip quivered, I haven't cried because of something that wasn't pain in so long, I hated it. " ash what happened" louis asked looking at me up and down, trying to see any thing physically wrong. " i- I don't know" I said, and with all honestly it was true. I sniffled again as I stood up. Louis shot up next to me. I was about to take off, when he grabbed my wrist. I hissed in pain ripping back my arm. I look back at louis, and by the way he was looking at my wrist, I could tell he knew. He started to cry, " ash" he begged sniffling up tears. I couldn't stay, I couldn't. I ran faster than I ever had before, without stopping, without looking back. I need my razor, I needed to cut.

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