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2. Goodbye

When I woke up my alarm went off it played What makes you beautiful by one direction Chris had set it so Every time I would wake up I would think of him. It was the day of Chris's funeral and I wore this outfit . My family and I drove to the funeral, Borris was waiting for us he greeted us with a hug. He led us inside to the front were Chris's casket was standing. The Casket was open , so I could see Chris I broke downs I couldn't handle it the love of my life was gone. after the ceremony we walked to the Cementery the preast did his last pray. Chris's mom handed everyone the rose, a white rose she told us to say something about Chris before throwing the rose everyone did even my mom. It was my turn everyone knew about our baby" Chris My love I cant believe your gone we had some awesome times together your were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but I guess that was god's will he needed and angel to sing to him.Good bye my love I will always remember you". I through the rose and Borris hugged me. Its OK his in a better place if he had lived he would of suffered the doctors said he had brain damage.

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