My name is Abbie! I'm the little sister of Niall Horan. He's 19 I'm 18. Not that far apart. Anyway, I have this crush on a lad in the band. I've liked him for about 2 years now. But I'm not sure if he likes me. So I kept my mouth shut. We are really good friends, but I want to be more than friends....


1. chapter 1: something special


♡ Chapter One ♡


"It's time to get up in the morning" Niall started to sing while strumming his guitar.

"Niall stop, you know that only works on Harry." I said while covering my face with my pillow.

"Do you want me to get water?" He said.

"I'm up! I'm up!" I said while jumping out of bed all enthusiastically.

"Good. Breakfast is down stairs, lil sis." He said while patting my head.

"Did you eat it all." I said, removing his hand from my head.

"Not all of it, Harry made me save some for you." He said, rolling his eyes.

The thought of Harry made me blush. I smiled

"Okay, I'll be down in a few. Get out of my room so I can get dressed!" I said

Niall grabbed his guitar, but right when he did he got a phone call.

"It's Jacie." He said and blushed.

I mouthed to him "Get out".

He nodded, grabbed his guitar and left.

I grabbed out of my closet a pale pink skater skirt and a white bandeau.

I walked into my bathroom and changed. 

I put on my foundation and concealer.

I glanced at my Chanel eye shadow pallet. I usually don't even put on eye shadow. Eh what's the worst that could happen. I put on a light nude colour, and at my tear duct I did my usual white eye shadow.

I curled my lashes and then put mascara on. I then combed my hair, and skipped outside of my room. 

I went downstairs and Harry was at the table and when he saw me he smiled. I giggled. 

He hopped out of his chair and ran over to me. He picked me up from my waist. I squealed and he smiled.

This is actually normal for us. He has been doing this every morning for 2 years. He let me go and gave me a hug.

"Good Morning Abbs" he said and smiled.

My nick name is Abbs. One of my best friends Pleasant gave me that Nick name and it kind of stuck.

"Morning Har-Bear" I said and he laughed.

"That nick name is ridiculous!" He said and rolled his eyes.

"Says the one who thinks Abbs is any better. I think Har-Bear is the cutest nick name ever" I said.

"If it makes you happy" he said and smirked. I blushed. I turned around so he wouldn't see me and walked into the kitchen.

I grabbed a banana since I wasn't that hungry.

I felt arms wrap around my waist. I saw the lock tattoo on their wrist and knew right away that it was Harry.

I giggled and turned around.

He was looking into my eyes and I was looking into his. 

I felt like it was going to finally happen. I felt like he was finally going to kiss me!

He awkwardly turned back around and walked away. 

I just stood there. It kinda hurt, but I'm going out with Pleasant and Jacie today so I'll be away for a little. Just us girls.

I need a little girl time since I live with 5 piggish boys. 


♡ A/N 


hey guys! I really like this one and they way that it is going 

I hope you enjoy this chapter


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