Harrys little sister

Harry's little sis Chloe is visting after a break up she meets four guys and every thing remains in total awkward romance


1. 1/5 of them

Harry:where are you

Chloe:turn around

Harry's pov

I turned around to find my sister Chloe. she had too ken time from her modeling job to visit. Here I said and took her luggage .i introduced her to the guys .i saw the look in their eyes,she had been wearing short clothes.

Chloe's pov

I had gotten out the airport to find my bro and four guys.i was wearing a wanted cut off t-shirt and lace short shorts with my lucky converse.i saw what seemed like nial checking me out?harry looked embarrassed.they took me to their mansion,witch is way bigger than mine.harry showed me my room.

Then some one knocked .come in I said . Nial walked in and started talking to me.nial had asked me to coffee at noon.if course I replied.

I was super exited ,even though I had a major crush on zayn . zayn was mysterious and cute in his own way. He seemed like a bad boy but I've gone down that road befor. Even though I still wasn't over my break up with josh huncherson I'll have fun. Anyway nial seems like a nice guy .

I called my BFF maddie . She was part of our group called the cute geeks . She was geeky pretty and an amazing dancer. We usually win the talent show because she sings and her and my friend Brooke dance too.

Next was Brit . Her real names is Britney but we like Brit . She was fun and out going . She liked to dance and was an ok singer .

As I got ready the guys snook into my room and pulled a prank . They put MY BRA in the freezer. I started yelling “your so dead you little Brits " I started chasing them all owner the house luckily the girls helped me.

After I finished Liam asked Brit out with me and nial. Louis asked out maddie but what abou el(elanour) well who knows

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