Old School Love

Louis Tomlinson high school imagine! Hope you like it! Open to any suggestions! Love y'all! <3


4. The Fight

He looked like he was happy to see me.

Louis POV

I tried to smile even though I wasn't enjoying the hug. I just wanted some time without her, and she just "happened" to be there.


Louis let go quickly looking angry. I asked, "What's wrong?" He looked at me and answered, "I just wanted to have some time with my friends, and you just 'happened' to be there!" I looked at his beautiful green eyes, and said, "I really didn't mean to meet you here." Louis said angrily, "We just need some time apart." I asked as a tear streamed down my face, "So you breaking up with me, right before our first date?" He said, "I will talk to you about it Monday, just don't text me."

I ran into the bathroom crying my eyes out. I really thought this relationship was going to work out, but apparently it won't. Alexis followed me into the bathroom. My eyes were bright red. She grabbed some tissues out of her purse, and wiped away a tear. She handed me a couple. As soon as I finish crying, I grabbed some makeup out of my purse and started fixing what I had messed up by crying.

Louis POV

I didn't meant to upset her that much. I really do love y/n, but she was just really bothering me. CANT I HAVE AT LEAST A LITTLE ALONE TIME?!?! I hope she understands that I'm not breaking up with her, We're just taking some time apart.


As soon as I finished my makeup, I exited the bathroom. Alexis said, " we should go home, we'll buy some ice cream on the way back, and watch Titanic when we get there." I agreed and we left.

Alexis and I finished Titanic, and decided to order a pizza. I called, and got a large cheese pizza. 25 min. later, the doorbell rang. I ran to go get the door, and there was Louis standing there holding my pizza. Apparently he had a weekend job as a pizza delivery boy.

I grabbed the pizza which had a note attached to it. The note said,

Dear y/n,

I really do love you. I just wanted some alone time. I hope we can talk about this on Monday.


Louis ❤️

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