Old School Love

Louis Tomlinson high school imagine! Hope you like it! Open to any suggestions! Love y'all! <3


3. The Date...

*Saturday morning*

I woke up to a text

Louis ❤️- Good Morning beautiful! ;)

Louis is so adorable! I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. I grabbed some cereal and milk. As soon as I started eating, I got another text...

Louis ❤️- What time do you wanna come get the pizza with me?

Y/n- Idk, 8? We could go eat it at the field near my house?

Louis ❤️- SOUNDS GREAT!!!! Come pick you up at 7:45!! Is that ok? ;)

Y/n- PERFECT!!! See you then! ;)

Today was gonna be one of the best days ever!!! Once I was done eating my cereal, I went into my room to get dressed. I picked out a cute sun dress with a floral pattern. I went into my bathroom and put on light makeup. As soon as I was done putting my hair in a cute bun on the top I my head, I got a text from my friend, Alexis

Alexis 😜- HEYYYY!!! Wanna hang out today or maybe go to the mall?!?!

Y/n- SURE! But I have to be back by 7:45, because I have a date to go to! :)

Alexis 😜- A DATE?!?!

Y/n- Ya with Louis...

Alexis 😜- Ooooooooo...gurl! Ok what time do you want me to come pick you up?

Y/n- 11, so we can get lunch there. Is that ok with you?

Alexis 😜- K, see ya then! 😘

Y/n- you too! 😘

I looked at the clock, and it said 10:27. I still had some time before Alexis comes, so I turned on the TV. At 11:04, the door bell rang. I opened the door, and Alexis was there with her purse. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door!

As soon as we got to the mall, we went to Forever 21! We walked around the whole store, but didn't buy anything. As soon as we walked out the door of Forever 21, we saw Louis with his friend. I ran up and hugged him. At first he was surprised, but then he started to hug me back!

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