Old School Love

Louis Tomlinson high school imagine! Hope you like it! Open to any suggestions! Love y'all! <3


2. After School

As soon as the bell rang, I grabbed my keys and ran to my car. The whole way home I was thinking about what Louis said in math. When I got home I sat at the counter and pulled out my homework. I started writing my essay for English, and without knowing it I quit writing and started day dreaming about Louis. After about 5 min of day dreaming, Louis texted me and I snapped right out of it. It said

Louis ❤️- Heyyy gurl!

I started screaming, luckily my family was gone. I texted back

Y/n- Heyyy boo bear

We texted for a while, then we decided to FaceTime. He called me, and when I answered he was smiling from cheek to cheek! :) He said, "Hey babe!" I answered, "Hey!" Louis and I talked for 2 hours, and when I was about to end the call he asked, "Wanna go get a pizza with me sometime?" I answered, "DEFINITELY!!" Then we both said good bye and made kissing faces at the camera. I finally finished my homework at like 9 PM! As soon as I finished, I texted Louis

Y/n- I gonna go to bed, cuz all that work made me super tired! 😴

Louis ❤️-ME TOO!!! Love ya babe!

Those words Louis texted me made my heart melt. I went right to bed after texting Louis!

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