A Million Lives

Too many people in the world that don't have the chance to speak and been listened~~ This is my story


1. Chapter 1

A Million Lives ~~

I'm just a normal girl with a blog. I like listening to people with any kind of problems and with advices. It's like my secret hotline. No body knows my name, they just share their feelings because they think nobody cares. You may think I don't care either, but the fact is that I do. I know how it feel to be ignored in the most needed moments, I know how it feel to be treated less important, I know how it feel to don't have somebody to turn to, I know how it feel to feel alone even when people is surrounding you, I know how it feel to don't feel loved, I know how it feel to don't be confident. But that's why I'm here, to make people confident, trustful, and to let them talk, been listened. There are million people I've talked to, I helped. There are a million lives that I've touch.

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