Dear Chris

Dear Chris, Ill never give up on us. Forever yours, Violet


1. How we began...

"The way I fell for you was well, embarrassing. Believe me I'm not one to kiss on the first date. But sometimes I wonder if this was fate. By this I mean us. I still remember the day you asked me out like it was yesterday. Do you? Let me refresh your memory.

        January 11th 2014, we sat on the sofa in my living room with Kat, Joe, and Nick. Kat picked one of my 4 guitars and so did I. We played stupid little songs we wrote on the spot for like... an hour and you, Joe and Nick tried to play too. I knew you were the only guy there who actually knew how to play, and you knew it too laughing when Nick tried to tune the guitar. Oh how I treasured your laugh. You smiled and hopped off the couch, getting the others out of the room for a few minutes. You then proceeded to waltz over to me jokingly and sit back down looking me straight in the eyes and asked me if we could be just like that couple from Titanic... except that nobody would die. I laughed and said yes. We hugged, hell we were in seventh grade we weren't one to make out just yet..."

I crumpled the paper into a ball and tossed in into the bin along with the other notes I failed to write. Maybe I should just text Nick and tell him Kat and I want to hang out sometime? No... I couldn't do that. I stood up and slowly walked towards my phone which was charging next to my bed, while Kat lay sleeping in hers. I picked up my phone and slid it unlocked. Checking my contacts for "Nick" I finally found him and pressed text. 


V: Nick! It's been too long since we last saw eachother! Katrina and I were wondering if you wanted to go get coffee later?


I waited a few minutes awaiting a text back.

my phone buzzed

N: Sounds fun! Can Chris come too?

I smiled and responded 

V: Sounds like a plan to me! Meet us at Starbucks on 5th avenue at lets say... 5:30?

N: See you guys then!

God damnit Nick is such a good person I thought. 

Kat rolled over in her bed and looked at me.

"Who ya texting?" she questioned sleepily. 

"Nick." I said slyly

Her head shot up and she squealed. 

"OUR NICK?!?" She yelled. 

"THE ONE AND ONLY!" I yelled back and she threw the covers off of her tan little Mexican legs and sprinted to the shower. 

"I assume were meeting them?" She asked me from inside the bathroom. 

"Starbucks at 5:30" I said back rummaging through my drawers for something decent to wear. 

"Shit I gotta hurry, huh?" She said turning on the water.

"Mmhm..." I whispered back.

Why do I feel butterflies every time someone mentions his name?  



Authors note:


Hello Gin here :) So this is a new book I decided to write so let me know what you think! Its out of my normal writing so I hope you guys like it!

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