Harry's just a friend? ;)

sexual content & cuss's :D enjoy


1. hey stranger?


I am Jessie, i am 17 i have long blonde hair, i am tall, i live in London, i don't have many friends: *BEEP* *BEEP* "Huh?" Suddenly i rolled out of bed, and threw my hair in a beanie put on my Osiris's and grabbed my backpack and ran out the front door. as im skateboarding down the street at an attempt to be on time for class, when! suddenly crash right into a wall, when suddenly a big soft hand grabs me and pulls me off the ground. I see a cute, tall, dark haired, light eyed boy, he greets me with a "hello beautiful , that was quite a hit, you okay?" i was so embarrassed i stuttered, "i- im fi- fin- fine!". i start walking fast away,  i was stopped when two big hands grabbed my waist,i turned to see the tall dark haired boy who helped me up. he whispered "hey, why in such a rush?, i want to get your number maybe we can hang later?"he winked,  as he whispered it sent chills down my back, but i think i liked it. his bad boy attitude is so inviting. i replied "give me  your phone il put my number in," he eagerly handed me his phone. i put my number in, as i went to walk away he grabbed my hand and angrily said "you put your name wrong" >:( . i said "i think i know my name?" I look at the screen as he changes my name to Beauty <3 <3 . i blush. he kisses my cheek as i continue skateboarding . Jessie's POV 

 I'm gonna  be so late to school, i dont care i think im in love? wait no i cant! i dont even know him?

I finally get to the school door, i walk in, and right when i get to my class i get sent to the main office. my principle yells at me for twinty minutes i tune him out. just as i start to pay attention i hear him say "your being suspended for two weeks, im calling your parents" i reply "you, cant" he says "why not?" "my moms at work all month" "fine, your still suspended, head home, bye jessie" "bye Mr.Jones" i leave.

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