Why does my mom hate me?

Chapters go 2,1,3


3. kaden and mom getting married?

Kirstin is that you. Yes what do you need me for. Well me a kaden have news for you, were getting married. Wait what you just throwing away what you had with dad, I hate you and kaden for doing this and you knowing it will break my heart. And also have you told them about that you want me died and kidnaped? Have you mom? No Kirstin I haven't I think it's time for you to go to foster care. Mom why would you do this to me? Be cause me and kaden talked it over and he thinks it's best best for you. And we argue a lot. Mom I swear why can't I live with Katie? Why couldn't dad just stay alive and you die. Why do you have to be here with me wanting me to get kidnaped and die what is wrong with you? Nothing is wrong with me kaden thinks it's best. WELL I DONT HE IS NOT MY FATHER AND I REALLY DONT WANNA CALL YOU MY MOM ANY MORE AFTER WHAT IVE BEEN THOUGH. I'm leaving and going to Katie's.

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