The Far Side

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  • Published: 9 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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You always hear about teenage girls and their perfect men, falling madly in love and living happily ever after. But what of us teenage boys? Do we not get a lovely romance tale?
Well, I did. Some places I wouldn't call it lovely, and in others I would call it pure bliss. And trust me, if you think you women have it rough and find it hard to find the love of your life, then wait till you hear my story. For guys, it's a lot different!


13. We Used to Rule the World

"Have you got any good deodorant in this room?!" my sister muttered, looking over every flat surface she could see. 

"What? So is 'Sure for Men' not good enough then?" I stated defensively. 

"Tana, it smells like lavender!" 

"So? That's nice isn't it?" 

"Dude, that's what women are supposed to smell like! Not men!" I folded my arms and disgustingly turned my back on her. "Look, Jack has some Lynx in my room, wait here and I'll get some for you." My sister was nice (at heart). She was older than me, 19. She has her own car, a boyfriend and girl mates who I see all the time. Although most of my mates say she's; quoted - So fucking fit. They've flirted with her when they come round, but once one of my mates got a bit too... cocky. He squeezed her tits as a joke in front of me. She wasn't happy. So much so she punched him in the gut, elbowed his face and broke his nose and then she headbutted him out of the door. He never came back. He once saw my sister in the street and hid behind me. I didn't blame him. She'd done worse to me in the past and I knew how he felt. She burst through my door again with a black can in her hand. She chucked to me and said "Here, put this on." I caught it and rolled up the side of my jacket to put it on. Whilst I did, my sister sneakily sprayed something onto my neck. I was bitterly cold. 

"What was that?!" I screeched.

" 'Ted Baker' after shave. Just to put the cherry on top." I rolled my eyes and continued to put the Lynx under my armpits. She took a step back from me to get her final verdict of me. "Cool. Right, I'm taking you to the party. Got your San Miguel?" I lifted a bottle of beer up to her. What! I said I wasn't getting drunk but I can at least have one beer for god sake! This way I can know if it's not spiked by a twat.

She delivered me to the party, just a small village hall about 8:30pm. 

"Cheers." I called to her, shutting the door behind me. Her small black car drove off and left me to fend for myself. I could see shadows in the windows, bright lights and faded music as I walked up the drive. I opened the door and was greeted by a few people. 

"Tana!" Now I was told not to be shy at parties like this. So I thought 'screw it'. 

"Alright gay boyz and girlz!" they laughed and ushered me to the dance floor to the left. It was going well for my first proper sweet 16. No embarrassments, no fights; just a lot of fun. I pulled to one side for a rest from dancing and talked to a small group of guys I knew in the corner.  That's when Jess tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hiiii!" she yelled. 

"Hellooo!" I greeted back, hugging her. 

"Why are you not on the dance floor man?!" 

"I'm tired and hot. I will do in a bit." I panted, taking a small sip of my bottle. 

"Aww. Fine, I'll see you in a bit then." she said as she skipped to her friends on the dance floor. Now I wasn't a party pooper like some people were being, so after about two more songs, I got back on to dance. And guess what was playing, One Direction! Now I don't mind One Direction, their songs are not that bad. And it was 'Best Song Ever' which I could definitely rave to! At the chorus line, I skidded on stage with a knee slide and everyone just laughed. I got up just doing an guitar when I felt another back pressed up against mine. 'Course it was Jess' who too was doing an air guitar. I laughed and she laughed back as we both snapped on our serious faces to the forming crowd. They started to make a circle round us, clapping in tune to the beat of the song, encouraging for us two to dance. Me and Jess had no idea what we were doing so we just started to randomly dance in the centre. People were laughing, cheering and pushing us to keep dancing. That's when the song stopped and we just looked at each other with laughter. The circle loudly cheered one last time and the next song came on. But me and Jess were so puffed, we went to take a breather outside in the cool night air.

We panted and huffed as we exited the doors, still laughing of course. 

"Oh my god that was so awesome!" she cheered. 

"I know right! We owned that floor!" I replied back. 

"I need some fresh air right now, Jesus it's stuffy in there."

"Ain't it the truth." the songs were still blasting inside the hall and the shadows were still bouncing and having fun. We leant up against the wall of the hall, still out of breath. I was so tired and drowsy from dancing that my eyes began to close very slowly. I didn't even notice really, just listening to the midnight air. It was only till I felt a pair of soft, caressing lips press up against mine that I realized I was dozing off. But I didn't open my eyes, I was just staying in the moment as our lips kissed. My first kiss. What people said was true, you get a sudden rush of excitement in your blood as your heart relaxes in a nervous wreck. It was strange, it was like my body took over as it seemed like instinct to me, not at all how I pictured. Only till we stopped did I open my eyes slowly. Jess was looking at me with a very shy smile; even in the darkness of night, I could see her cheeks were rose red. But so were mine. Those feelings that I thought had gone forever never healed like a scar, my feelings dug their way out of my mind and cascaded through my body in the blink of an eye. 

"I thought I was your big brother?" I kiddingly asked. She laughed, cheeks still a vibrant red. 

"Not to me anymore." she continued, "I looked over that day you said you liked me. You said I was a jewel that you would polish and take care of. No boy is ever going to say that to me ever again. Well one that I wouldn't deem attractive." she winked, wrapping her arms round my neck. I smiled and kissed her again. Looks like love finally found me. Finally... 

Half an hour went by and we lay on a giant swing just outside the hall. It was like a basket held up by chains, swinging gently as we huddled together for warmth in the brisk air of night. It was silence outside, but I could hear one of my favourite songs come on from inside. 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay. I knew it since I was ten and still loved it, knowing all the words to it off by heart. I started to sing to it slowly and calmly, just to myself. 

"I used to ruuule the worrld. Seas would rise when I gave the word." I sung gently. "Now in the morning I sleeeep alone," I was then interrupted by Jess who also joined in, with a tweak. 

"Sweep the streets we used to owwnn." I saw what she was doing and turned to her with a smile. We began to singing sync with each other. 

"We used to rooolll the dice. Feel the fear in our enemies eyes!" she had such a soft voice, it made me feel so warm in the blistering cold. We sung the whole song our way till it ended and I felt so bonded with her as we kept closer to each other to stay warm. Well, that was our excuse anyway..



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