The Far Side

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  • Published: 9 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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You always hear about teenage girls and their perfect men, falling madly in love and living happily ever after. But what of us teenage boys? Do we not get a lovely romance tale?
Well, I did. Some places I wouldn't call it lovely, and in others I would call it pure bliss. And trust me, if you think you women have it rough and find it hard to find the love of your life, then wait till you hear my story. For guys, it's a lot different!


10. This Will Not Go Well...

That afternoon, I jumped onto facebook to talk and gossip with Jess on this whole situation I had gotten myself into. Well, statuses aplenty were talking about it already.

"Tana's gunna get fucked!"

"Poor Tana, he's gunna get killed :("


"1:00 on the main field to watch the retard get destroyed!" and so on. Most were like the first and third ones, horrible and disconcerting.


- Hey Tana - Ah, the real reason why I came onto facebook, not to roll in the hatred people were showing for me.

- Hello... -

- Listen, you didn't have to protect me. But since you did, I appreciate it more than a million :') -

she wrote. I smiled and giggled in delight.

- Well, Duncan is a bastard. What did actually happen? - I was vastly concerned to why the hell she screaming for my name.

- He went down my waist again, and I rejected him. He didn't take it lightly, mostly violently... :( - What?! She rejected him and he attacks her! My rage was boiling in my stomach, and now my idea of the fight tomorrow changed. Duncan is dead. Dead.

- What! D: That's... despicable! -

- I know! But you're having a fight with him tomorrow now aren't you? Tana, no offense but Duncan will kill you! I don't want to see you get hurt! :'( - butterflies were making nests in my stomach right now, 3 main butterflies to be exact. One was fear, another rage, and the last and the one I most welcome, love. All were equal with each other, mixing into one big cocoon in my belly.

- Hm... well at least it means you're safe. If he focuses on me, we won't go after you anymore ;) -

- That's so sweet of you. I'll be there tomorrow supporting you, and I'll help you if you ever need me during the fight ;') - I was touched. But I bet she would be the only one raving for me... I had a slight chance though, I was doing a bit of fight training or "self defence". But two lessons wasn't much, and Duncan had as much weight on his arms in muscle than my own weight! He was a big lad! What was I gunna do?...

Fight day. 12:50. I was so nervous, I knew I was going to get severely hurt in some way. I wanted to turn away from it, but I couldn't. I had to do it for Jess. If I didn't turn up, she may be in serious danger. 12:55. I was just revising in my head on what Ian, my teacher, had taught me.

"Fists raised. On your toes. Hold firm." I was whispering to myself over and over again. If I was going to go down in this fight, I was going to go down fighting to my last breath... maybe literally.

*Brrrring!* rang the bell for lunch. No library today. It was straight to the main field. I walked out the door of the science block to find there was already a fight circle of people in the centre of the field. I took a deep, deep breath in and started to stroll onward.  
Immediately as I touched the grass of the field, everyone cheered.

"Tana! He actually turned up!" I could hear in the deepest of the cries. They made way for me to go into the circle, and my heart was beating faster than ever. The gates of people shut behind me and there was no turning back. With Duncan looking at me with a smirk on his face. I took a final look at the crowd, and there was Jess, squeezed in between two of her other friends. She looked as nervous as me, but I asure you, she wasn't at all as nervous as me. I finally turned back to Duncan and I raised my fists to prepare, they were shaking like a puppies. Duncan laughed at me and gloated to his 'adoring fans', as if he was in a stadium.

"Look! The retard thinks he knows what he is doing! What a wanker!" Everyone laughed at his remark, except the peeping head, looking at me with worried tears. "Alright faggot, let's get this over with." he cheered. My heart pumped even more, so fast I couldn't tell the rhythm of it anymore. Duncan stepped closer to me, slouched with his arms dangling at his sides. Suddenly, he let lose a low kick for my chest, extending his reach out like a tree branch. I dodged it, only just. My breath was getting more rapid whilst Duncan just laughed at me, and stepped closer and closer. I was starting to back up, but I remembered Ian's words ringing in my mind.

"Hold firm." he said. So I did. I stopped backing up, and faced Duncan head on. He got so close to me, that I could smell the musty stench of his breath. He went in for knee to my stomach, but I blocked it, feeling the force of his hit tremble through my bones. He then followed it with a downward punch to my face, I once again blocked it, still feeling the force from the last attack he tired pumping through my flesh. I countered his punch with a shoulder ram into his fake six pack. He stumbled, and I couldn't believe what I had just done! I was either pleased or scared, I don't know; adrenaline was masking all feelings I was experiencing. Duncan turned back to me with the most penetrating stare. He charged at me like a rugby player, smashing into me. But I didn't lose my footing, I was a brick wall and feet grinded backwards against the grass. Now was my chance, I finished this madness by pushing the back of his sweaty head downward into my knee. The crowd suddenly went quiet, too quiet. He fell limp, and collapsed onto his knee, then finally falling over to the floor.

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