The Far Side

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  • Published: 9 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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You always hear about teenage girls and their perfect men, falling madly in love and living happily ever after. But what of us teenage boys? Do we not get a lovely romance tale?
Well, I did. Some places I wouldn't call it lovely, and in others I would call it pure bliss. And trust me, if you think you women have it rough and find it hard to find the love of your life, then wait till you hear my story. For guys, it's a lot different!


11. The Time Has Come

After the fight, not much happened. The crowd went off with very disappointed faces and expressions. I could hear some of them whisper.

"That could of gone better."

"I know. What a disappointment." were only some of the sentences I heard said about me. But one person stood where the crowd used to be swarmed, staring at me with delight. She charged at me with glee, arms splayed. I knew what was coming, so I too held my arms out for the hug that was about to come my way. She rammed into me, her arms gripping round my neck. She giggled and giggled into my neck, and I laughed along with her. My heart was thumping hard, I could feel all the blood running through my veins. We were then interrupted by a faint groaning from the floor; Duncan rolling in agony.

If a fight wasn't enough today, I had to do batting training in cricket practice tonight! I was a top notch bowler, but my batting wasn't... entirely great. And plus, no doubt I was to be the gossip of the entire cricket club. Well, I had a few hours to spare, and what better way to wash away the hours than to play 'Battlefield 3' with the one and only Jess. I called her up on skype, and we logged on.

"Hey hey Tana!" she cheered as she answered the call.

"Whassup! Have you logged on yet?"

"'Course! What map do you wanna play today." I was suspicious slightly, she wasn't talking about the fight. I thought that would be the only thing on her mind. 

"Umm... Caspian Border I think." I muttered, typing in my password.

"All right. I'll invite you to a game now." still she wasn't talking about it. I accepted her invite and the server began to load. There was our favorite friend, silence between me and Jess as the server loaded for us both. Then suddenly, she said what I was expecting.

"By the way, have you been doing martial arts or something?" ah. There we go.

"No, I've been doing one to one sessions with an ex-royal marine. I've only done like two lessons though."

"Oh cool!" she squeaked. Still the server loaded, and yet again, that silence came back. I hate that guy, he always sneaks into a conversation when he's not wanted! But he's always scared off somehow. "But Tana, you don't know how much I appreciate your security towards me. Duncan is a (pardon me) fucking horrible person!"

"Yeah, too right. Hearing what he did to you, it seems he only went out with you for sexual purposes." After I said what I did, I heard a faded sniff.

"I know..." she whispered. She sounded traumatized to the extreme, stuttered breathing and faint sniffs blasted from her end of the call. "I mean, he just went straight in for the kill! Why didn't I see it before!!" she exploded. Her sadness just mutated into bitter hatred and rage in a second like an innocent human transforming into a werewolf; but I didn't blame her. In fact, she seemed familiar...

"Listen to me for a second Jess." I muttered. We were both in the game at this time, but that didn't matter at all right now. She stopped sniffing, and remained quiet as I spoke to her. "What should you do at this point?" she stayed quiet only letting out a faint sniff.

"Umm... *sniff* I should forget the whole thing. But he used me Tana! Used me for my looks and my body!"

"But you've said to me once, you were ugly." I think it's time I said something important... "Now, I shall tell you; you are beautiful. Gorgeous, a shining gemstone. But Duncan wanted to sell you for the riches you'd bring to him. However, a lucky man would keep you on his warm mantle piece, taking care of you and never selling you off to anyone; except polishing you to make sure you don't lose your beauty. And you are one of the funniest rubies I've met. Always making me laugh and giggle, staying with me for always." I went for it. I dived into the well, and now I was swimming further and further down to reach the bottom. "I just want to say, I think you're wonderful... in every way..."

She stayed quite for a long while. I was panicking thinking she was either shocked at the comment, or thinking it over in pleasure. I had to say something! If I said nothing any longer, this could turn very awkward!
"Well, let's just play some 'Battlefield' till I have to go batting for cricket shall we?" she sniffed one last time.

"Yeah, okay..." and so we had the usual fun on 'Battlefield', taking out choppers, tanks, decimating the other team, it was all the norm. I completely forgot about what I had said to her after a while, I was having so much fun. But I always kept in the back of my head that she was pondering it over. She would pause from time to time, not reply to what I said sometimes. And then come back with: 'Hm? Oh sorry. Coming!' or something like that.
And after a few hours of grinding down on my keyboard, I went to cricket practice. Of course, every man, Billy, Cameron etc were all asking me and commenting on the fight. Some of them didn't like Duncan so they were on my side for once. Also, batting was bad at first. I was hitting nothing, getting out multiple times and when I did hit it, the ball barley moved. Bowl after bowl, it seemed to get worse. But after destroying a few hours in the nets, I got the hang of it and from all of the boys giving me advice. I wasn't as good as Cameron, God no, but I still got a few good thwacks. Some of the lads even said that some where boundaries! Now there was an achievement for me! But I was still too occupied to think about Jess. It was only till I got home did I start to think about her.

I sat down on my chair, turned on the computer and waited. I was shaking with nerves, I had no idea how she reacted. Or if she even reacted at all! Did she just brush it over her head?
One message on facebook... It was from Jess. Oh boy... I opened it. And there was a very large paragraph. At this point, I was quivering in anticipation. I started to read it, word by word.

- Tana.
I cannot thank you for the delight you have brought me. Really, you've given too much for me. And yes, we do have so much in common: Games, Science and Fandoms aplenty. You're also a great laugh to be around. And in fact, you're not bad looking ;) - ...
Wow! She really sounds like she loves me back! The heart was racing faster than any rally car, and was making me more excited than any rally car.
- But... I see you as a big brother... - Shit.... bollocks.
- Please don't hate me! It's just I see you as someone I can know will always look out for me and will be around for me. Not someone who I will full madly in love with. OH GOD, I SOUND SUCH A BITCH!
I'm really sorry :'( Please don't hate me. Pleease! You're one of the greatest friends I've had, and I don't want to lose you! -
I didn't know what to say back. I sat, and paused for a few short seconds; hand on my chin. She sees me as a big brother, someone to look out for her. Hm. I was in a good mood from batting, and that kept that demon in my head locked in with titanium bars around the cage instead of iron. He wasn't getting out. I cracked my fingers, and thought about what to type back. I was happy, so this would be a very positive note indeed.

- Oh Jess. Don't at all apologize to me. ;) It's fine. Pfft! You can't help not liking me, and I'll take that title of being one of the greatest friends you've ever had. Or the fact I'm your big brother :P 
Honestly, we're good. It's all fine. :) - I replied. I hope this will suffice. She put it in the nicest possible way I could, and I was proud to be a great friend to her. Yet, with this one paragraph back to her, my passion for her was fading. After what she had wrote to me, my feelings were drifting away piece by piece. Like it was a pile of leaves in Autumn blowing away in the wind, leaf by leaf . She replied quickly back, with not so much a lengthy chunk of text.

- Really? Cause I feel really really bad :'( - I chuckled.

- Seriously, it's okay. I'm in a good mood, trust me, I understand ;) -

- Good :') - Was the last thing we said that night. From then on, weeks to months, things went smoothly as friends. Seems as if this relationship wasn't meant to happen...

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