The Far Side

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  • Published: 9 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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You always hear about teenage girls and their perfect men, falling madly in love and living happily ever after. But what of us teenage boys? Do we not get a lovely romance tale?
Well, I did. Some places I wouldn't call it lovely, and in others I would call it pure bliss. And trust me, if you think you women have it rough and find it hard to find the love of your life, then wait till you hear my story. For guys, it's a lot different!


6. Starting Out

I started to think what I could do. You know, to get her attention towards me more. I was now obsessed with her (not in a creepy way!). Do up my hair? Get it all flash? No! No, I'm not looking like a gimp, I like my hair short. Military short. There could be another way to make me look good? Well, what if I take up a sport or two? Keeps me fit, maybe build up my body and get me outside. Hm. Not a bad idea. I already do a bit of cricket with my dad, I can bowl but batting may need work. My dad even says I'm a good bowler. Okay, I'll take up village cricket, and maybe show some of the dickheads who play cricket that I can actually bowl. But cricket only does so much, may build up my strength and stamina but that's it really. What other sports could I do? What about self defense... show I'm not a push over. Another good idea Tana! You're on fire when you're in love.

I dashed down the stairs to go have a word with my mum, she'd always wanted me to get outside more. Wish come true mother!

"Mum!?" I shouted, still dashing down stair by stair. Her head peeped out of the living room door.

"Yess?" she cheered. My mum was a gentle soul, a bit soft on me at times which is not good nor bad. I discipline myself through Christianity and Dad so if it wasn't for Dad, I may of turned out a bit of a spoiled brat. Oh, and about the christian thing; yes I am christian. I was christened, I follow the bible's teachings and believe in a great creator. I kind of mix my love of Biology with my religion, thinking evoluation is God's creation etc. Enough about that though.

"Umm, you've always said you wanted me to get out more right?"

"I have done, yes."

"Well, can I finally do some village cricket. Dad's always wanted me to do so." she leaned back  in her recliner chair. 

"That sounds like a good idea. You want to play for Abington?" (Abington is the village I live in, just to clarify.)

"Sounds good to me. Plus... can I do some self defense classes?" That's when she scowled at me in suspicion. 

"Why Tana?..."

"I'm 16, it'll keep me fit and I'll at least know how to defend myself, won't I?" I tried to persuade. She took a deep sigh, turning back to her computer. "Oh, so that's a 'no' then?" she looked at me, eyebrows raised.

"No, are you going to help me for a class you'd like?" she smiled. I smiled back, and leaned over her shoulder at the bright screen.

About a week later, I was going to my cricket training. We were still looking for self defense classes at home, but booking cricket was easy. The cricket season hadn't started yet, it was still winter so the team was just going through training. I was in my trackies, had my hoodie, lucasade and my lucky cricket ball. Dropped out of the car to a large building, with it's daunting prowess. At school, a lot of the 'popular' boys who play for my village cricket team had heard I was coming to training, and mocked the shit out of me. Now what were they going to be like when I actually went in there?
I kept walking through the corridor to the main entrance of the sports hall, and they were all waiting for me. When they saw me walking to them, they dashed away from the windows of the doors like I hadn't seen them. *Cock munches* I coughed. I open the doors and guess what I hear?

"It's the pro cricket PLAYER!" they cheered. Oh for fuck sake... can't they just leave it? Course they can't. The team captain, Billy Wisher, wrapped one arm round me, he too was a dick munch. Big lad, not one to pick a fight with. He had dark hair and had a tufts of hair under his chin. Three other boys were following behind me, whispering and giggling.

"So, Tana." Billy started arrogantly. "How about you bowl first at Cameron over there in the cricket net. He's our best batsman so you'll give him a nice shot I bet." he giggled, the boys following me laughing too.

"Alright Billy. Sounds good." I was confident. I think I was gunna give Cameron quite a challenge. But he's the best batsman, what if my bowling is still crap compared to the others!?

"Come on! I'm waiting Tana!" Cameron called, poised and ready in the net. I grabbed my ball, stepped a couple of paces back to take a run up and started to run. *Remember, skip, brush your ear and let go* I thought to myself in a matter of a few paces. I couldn't screw this up, I had to bowl a good bowl! Skip. Brushed my ear. Let go...


I stumped him... I got him out! YES! Oh my god, this changes everything! I turned around to see the other boys looking at me in utter shock. Their eyes stunned. They still saw me as a geeky, weird kid. Well now I just got the best batsman out in one.

"What?" I arrogantly said. Time for me to roll in the glory.

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