The Far Side

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  • Published: 9 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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You always hear about teenage girls and their perfect men, falling madly in love and living happily ever after. But what of us teenage boys? Do we not get a lovely romance tale?
Well, I did. Some places I wouldn't call it lovely, and in others I would call it pure bliss. And trust me, if you think you women have it rough and find it hard to find the love of your life, then wait till you hear my story. For guys, it's a lot different!


5. Gaming Delight

After sitting on the bus with no one by my side, I plodded back home. It's winter here in Britain and it's sunset at 3:30! Unbelievable! Although quite beautiful; a dash of orange in the sky makes a great sight... No cars are outside, maybe everyone is out. Mum usually walks the dogs at this time. That gives me time to go straight onto my computer. Excellent!

Dashing up the stairs, I turned left and opened the door to unsocial paradise. Computer waiting for me to switch her on in the corner, so that's exactly what I did. Log on. Open up Mozilla Firefox and say hello to youtube and facebook. Well, facebook had no notifications and my news feed was dull with 'Why is my life so shit?! :(' and 'Spending the afternoon with the perfect boy! Love you! xxx :* #ream' etc. I left facebook online, not expecting anything and so just slapped onto youtube. Watch a couple of videos, comment on a few more and...


"Who on earth?" I said to myself, surprised out of my skin. Who would be messaging me? I never get messages. It was a facebook message from Jess! My heart just jumped straight into my throat.

- Hey hey -
it read. Again, confusion struck me; why would she want to talk to me?! I wiggle my fingers and get typing back to her.

- Good morning :P -

- Haha, how you doing? -
Oh good! She actually types properly! No, 'u' or 'doin' just to be lazy.

- I am doing splendidly! Yourself? -

- Good. Or 'splendid' as you say ;) -

- Spiffing! :D -
And now for the awkward time of silence for someone to bring up a subject to talk about. And I just said something, so it was her turn to talk. Hoping she brought up something worth while.

- So Tana, what you up to? (Aside facebook :P) -

- I was just about to watch youtube and then *Bling* you show up XD -

- Oh haha, my bad :P What were you going to watch? -
Oh God, do I say the truth (Gaming videos) or do I tell her something sensible. No. I'll tell her I'm watching gaming videos, just because why not eh?

- Gaming videos :P Mainly "Warhammer 40k: Space Marine" ones. I adore that game! -
(For those of you who don't know... google it. It's very fantasy violence game that I love) Now to see if she thinks I'm a nerd or not. If she's cool, she'll say 'Aw cool' or something like that. She probably will, and then that'll be the end of the conversation.

- OMG! I love that game too! :D -
What? That can't be right! She just said she liked "Warhammer 40k: Spacemarine". Nerd central... She must of gotten confused or be lying to make conversation.

- No way! Really? -
Okay, now to see if she really does like this game.

- Yes! It's one of my favorites! -

- Oh dear god! Are you any good at it? Cause I bet I could beat you down ;) -

- Oh do you really? >;) Let's see shall we? Tell me your account on skype too, we can call. -
She can't be lying... oh my god...

So for about the next 2 - 3 hours, we played this game non stop! And she was awesome at it! I never thought she'd be so good at it, she decimated me at times, and I'm one of the best! Weirdly, there is nothing more appealing to a guy than a girl who can kick his ass in a game. Seriously! After that, we decided to play co-op and we may of just destroyed the game from the inside out. Playing solidly and hard. There was no stopping us!
...And now I loved her more than ever... My feelings for her went sky high in the past few hours and I cannot stop thinking of her. She's amazing, likes the things that I do and was one of the prettiest girls I had ever laid eyes on. Well time passed and we finished the game and kept talking on skype for a little while longer.

"Oh my god that was incredible!" Jess squeaked.

"I know right! We need to play that again sometime! Just you and me!" I replied back. I was so overjoyed that I forgot completely about my feelings for her.

"We so should. Well sorry Tana, I need to go. But I'll talk to you tomorrow, promise."

"Alright, that's fine. I'll see you later. Bye!"



And she was gone. The feelings started to swell in me, and I didn't know what to do with myself after she left...

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