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I'm here to answer all the toughest questions to the hardest problems...
Boy/girl problems? I can give you some advice from someone who's been through it all! Don't understand why a boy/girl is acting a way? I can probably help! I'll have more info in some of my chapters! Check it out!


1. Intro

So I've been through a lot and I help a lot of people with tough situations. I'm in high school and I know a lot about my friends and I know a lot about how girls and guys act and why. I have chapters on all kinds of issues you may encounter! Leave some comments every now and then if you have a specific issue that you don't have an answer to you're looking for! I have a chapter for all kinds of issues that I have advice to! Want me to add a chapter? Leave it in the comments! Leave a like if any of this advice has helped! Thanks!


Part 1:

Why are my friends ignoring me all of a sudden?

Middle school and high school are, by far, the toughest years as a teenager. We make new friends, loose old ones, start dating, and break up. All that occurs to make ourselves be better people and make us wiser for later situations. So why is it so hard to maintain friendships with people as a teenager and why is there so much drama? There are all kinds of people who are at your school and we all think differently! The reason we are friends with people may occur because we share the same kind of values or are alike in a way or just met out of the blue and thought it would be fun to hang out! We don't know every single thought someone has or exactly how they feel all the time! Some people are more oblivious to situations or just don't think about others as much as they should. Is one person in your group a big influence on the other? If so, obviously someone in the group may have made a statement to another to make others think negatively about you for a temporary time. Another reason could possibly be they are jealous. There are a lot of possibilities! But the way you handle it is more important than the reason they're ignoring you! Don't get into a lot of drama, that just entertains the others. Take your time and think about anything you're going to say! Don't say anything negative about the person who said something about you to your other friends. Someone could have just been having a bad day and hating on everything that day. The best thing to do is not to blame anyone. Approach your friends and take the high rode. AVOID drama. Kill them with kindness if they're unresponsive to you! Be the best you can be in these situations! That will help in the future as well! I can't tell you exactly what to say but if it helps try to just make things go back to normal for a while. Act like you don't understand their immaturity. Don't respond! Thanks! Leave some comments the chapter is called "Ignorance and Self Assurance". Let me know what you think!

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