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I'm here to answer all the toughest questions to the hardest problems...
Boy/girl problems? I can give you some advice from someone who's been through it all! Don't understand why a boy/girl is acting a way? I can probably help! I'll have more info in some of my chapters! Check it out!


2. Dating

Dating is a subject a lot of us need guidance for. Even if you assume you're in the most perfect relationship ever, believe it or not, there's always something you can fix. If you're looking for a relationship or just want to find out if your crush likes you back, here's a great place to come! Take the right actions to being the best you can be!

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to have a better relationship is to first focus on what you think is good in the relationship. Do you guys hang out a lot? Do you have a good time when you are with him? Do you have deep conversations that last for hours? All of these are great if you've been dating a while! But dating too young only leads to immaturity and maybe a lost friendship. It's absolutely fine to date in middle school but sixth grade is obviously too young and so is seventh. Unless there's something about being fourteen and going through puberty and guys liking girls and girls likings guys then it's fine! But never get too serious when you're dating as a teenager! Eventually one of you will want to move on and date other people so keep that in mind! But don't let that rain on your parade when you're dating! Enjoy yourself!

Getting back to figuring who's for you and does the person like you... Everyone's different showing affection. It's way different when a guy likes you because they may feel embarrassed to talk to the person they like. Other guys are a lot more outgoing when it comes to asking people out and dating. If a guy is particularly social during school or with their friends, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be like that with you. If they make up excuses to talk to you all the time, they usually do like you! But it's hard to tell. The best thing to do is become friends first! When you get to know someone, don't you usually start to feel a connection with them and create trust? Well that's an easy way of finding out who he's into! Just be careful. Guys tend to feel offended when the girl they like "friend-zones" them. Don't constantly remind them you're friends if you have a crush on them. Playing hard to get can give guys the wrong impression.

Why can't I be able to get a girlfriend/boyfriend?

If you aren't in a relationship in middle school or high school it's not the end of the world! Think about it. Don't you have a crush on someone but you just don't have the guts to talk to them and get to know them? I bet someone out there is thinking the same thing. Be patient! Put yourself out there but don't seem desperate.

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