Not Just Another Goldfish

A Mycroft/Anthea fanfiction. Their secret love can no longer stay hidden after the birth of their daughter Clarissa Jane Holmes.


1. prologue

How did I come to work for Mycroft Holmes? Well it was fifteen years ago, I was only eighteen, beginning my first official internship. Mycroft had shown up to talk with my boss. He must have noticed me, for next thing I knew I was being told I had a job offer with the English government. Working for Mycroft wasn't exactly what I would consider a government job. But at the time I was desperate and could use the money. I agreed, not knowing it would change my life. Now I am, thirty-three and desperately in love.

Mycroft wasn't much to look at, not at first glance anyway. Not tall, not short. Not fat, not thin. Not handsome, not ugly. Not nice, not mean. He was nothing special at all. But after getting to know him, he was still nothing special to be honest. He held barely any emotion in public, especially in front of his brother. It took a while, but I slowly began to fall in love with him, and him with me.

It had been a cold night, about six years after I became Mycroft's assistant. I had been packing, getting ready to head home for a break. Mycroft handed me my coat at the door. "You're welcome to stay" he smiled, something I rarely had seen him do. "It is cold after all, spend the night leave in the morning"

I wasn't exactly sure about his offer but I accepted it, a nice warm house was better than a cold cab after all. That night he had done something I'd never seen him do before. He showed affection. He offered to make me tea, which ended up perfect. We spent the night talking about anything that came to our mind. It started off with his typical intellectual conversations but ended with us talking about our favorite superheroes.

"Are you visiting a man?" He asked as he looked past me to my black case beside the door.

"Why do you ask?" I wanted to test his skills, a game I would enjoy doing quite a bit.

"An older man by the looks of it, one you're close with. Your case is packed full, a simple trip to your mothers and you wouldn't need as much to bring with. Even a house of a female wouldn't require it. And your phone, you're texting, meaning you are sincerely sorry that you will be late, if you weren't so close it wouldn't matter. Your bag is dull, obviously not trying to impress anybody." He smiled. "Am I right?"

"It's my brother" I laughed and kissed his cheek. Causing both of our faces to go bright red. After that moment things hadn't been the same. After every game of deduction he got a kiss, something he began to wish for as much as I did. The reward became such a longing he would use every chance he could to play the game.

I would remain his assistant. Even after countless offers to move up, become more, I refused them all and stayed by his side. We talked almost constantly. In person, over the phone, via text, he always had things to say. And I did my best to impress him, to reply with smart, thoughtful remarks although that could not always be achieved. He put up with me though. Accepting me, wanting me. He would keep it a secret, making sure that nobody but us would know. None of his workers knew, his parents didn't know, the citizens of London didn't know, and his brother, Sherlock Holmes, surely didn't know.

Every once in a while he would slip me a longing glance in public, but nothing too extreme. Just subtle hints, hints only him or his brother would be able to make out. I wasn't allowed near his brother, for fear he would slip up and our secret romance would be caught.

Secret romance, I liked the sound of that. The adrenaline high from having to hide it was an amazing feeling. But it made me want more, I wanted so much more. Our romance hadn't been much, just a romantic relationship, not sex, nothing too serious. If there was a mistake after all we would have to suffer it, suffer in silence.

I was fine with our romance, I loved it after all, I just wanted more. I mean what's the worse that could happen if we revealed our secret? I guess Mycroft could be seen as a lesser to Sherlock, a victim to love. It needed to stay a secret, for his own sake. Not to mention the ten year difference between us, that could be another reason. Whatever the reason truly was I had to live with it. If I wanted his love I would have to hide it. And I want his love bad.

There was one night, five years ago, we came close to being more than what we were. Despite his better judgement Mycroft asked me for a drink. I accepted, expecting one, two drinks at the most. It was in the safety of his own house, we wouldn't be caught drinking together, I saw no danger.

But as the night progressed I noticed him drinking quite a bit more than I did. He got to the point of being horribly drunk, it made me laugh to be honest. The usually smart, wise man, stumbling around like a toddler, I couldn't help myself. I held him up and let him hang on me as I walked him to his bedroom, a place I had never been allowed in before. I helped him into bed and kissed his forehead. "Lay with me?" He asked an our eyes met. I couldn't refuse his offer. I walked to the opposite side of the bed, it was made completely neat, untouched. I climbed in with him, he held out his arm, beckoning for me to lay on it, which I did without question. So far it has been going surprisingly well and I couldn't argue with his motives.

We lay as I listened to his heart beat. "Help me?" He asked as he struggled to lift off his shirt. "Please" he laughed. I was hesitant but I lifted it over his head and threw it into the hamper beside his closet door.

Mycroft smiled at me as we laid back down. "Do you-" he mumbled.

"Do I what?" I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Do you love me?" He winked.

"Well of course!" I hugged him, resting my head on his chest.

"How much?" He wrapped his arm around my body, holding me close to him.

"Use your deduction skills and tell me" I laughed, expecting to play our game.

"I can't use my brain" he chuckled, causing me to laugh as well. "You just have to tell me"

"I love you more than you know" I admitted.

"Enough to" he hiccuped. "Enough to love me?" His voice went more serious than playful.

"You mean sex?" I turned to see him nodding vigorously.

"Mycroft you're drunk" I laughed and kissed him gently. "Sleep well my dear."

The next morning he had awoken, utterly confused. I explained to him the events that he couldn't quite remember. He was proud of me for not accepting his offer, and he kept apologizing for embarrassing himself. I would never tell him how hard it was to deny his offer, to fall asleep instead of that. But I knew the consequences and they were not worth it.

Then there was a time where we truly did become something more. The best moments of my life. It had been a few years after the drinking incident. Mycroft had asked me to join him on a stroll around London. He had never liked to be seen with me in public, but today he had chosen otherwise. He held my hand even as we walked. Needless to say I blushed the whole time. He brought me to the London eye! a place I had never been due to my irrational fear of heights. I clung onto him the whole time. Once we reached the top he politely asked me to let go, saying he had to tie his shoe. He bent down as I looked at my own feet to keep from seeing the water below me.

Mycroft turned to face me, still down on his knee. Gently he lifted my head so our eyes met. He grabbed my hand and with a huge smile on his face he asked me "Anthea will you marry me?" He opened a black velvet case with a small but intricate designs. I could barely contain my joy as I flung myself on him. My excitement was his answer and he knew it. He wrapped his arms around me as we both lay on the floor of our compartment.

Our wedding was close after, it was nothing much, after all we were still keeping things as secret as possible. The wedding was at his, now our, house. The only ones there were us, a priest, and a witness, my brother. The wedding was tradition, however. I wore a pure white dress and he wore a new black tuxedo. It was that night that I became Anthea Holmes, and I was proud of it. Our vows were exchanged and I knew they were from the heart. In my life I hadn't felt a bigger accomplishment than this.

That night I gave Mycroft what he had asked for the night he was drunk. And it was worth the wait. Well worth the wait. He was better than I had expected, and he was my first, and only. It had happened twice between us, only twice, the wedding night and nine months ago. It goes without saying what happened the last time.

Now here I am, laying on a hospital bed, screaming with contractions, nearly breaking Mycroft's hand. He stayed by my side, coaching my through all my pain, telling me to remember my favorite moments of him and I. "It's coming Anthea" he smiled as he wiped sweat from my forehead with a damp washcloth. "Just a few more" I turned to him, his eyes reassuring me that I would make it through this. I screamed as my unborn baby attempted to escape. "You can do this" I wanted badly to bring this child into the world, the only thing I could give Mycroft that he couldn't give himself. "One more!" He encouraged me as I grabbed his hand tighter.

"Congratulations Mr. And Mrs Holmes, it's a girl" our nurse smiled as she handed me our newborn child.

Mycroft leaned close to me, brushing the hair out from my eyes. "She's beautiful" he kissed my check. Together we awed over our baby girl. "Hi baby" he smiled and altered his voice to sound more childish. I couldn't help but smile at it. "Clarissa Jane Holmes" he smiled at me, I nodded. It was the name we chose for a girl after all. "She's beautiful" I looked down at her, covered in blood. Despite that, she was beautiful. Her eyes were bright blue, and her tiny amount of hair a light brown. Truly gorgeous.

Things could no longer be a secret. Not with a child now in the picture. I couldn't tell if Mycroft was upset or relieved by that. Was Clarissa an excuse or an opportunity to come out of secret? To me she was an opportunity, the perfect person to expose us to the world, one happy family, the Holmes family.

"I'll go wash her off" the nurse offered as I gently handed the swaddled babe to her.

Mycroft and I watched as she left the room with our precious miracle. I longed to have her back in my arms. I could tell Mycroft wanted the same.

"Thank you" Mycroft kissed me. "I love you Anthea" his voice was soft and gentle. He smiled and light glistened off his eyes, I felt lost in them as I forgot my train of thought.

"I love you too Mycroft" I grabbed his hand, gently this time as he shook off his previously squeezed hand. It was a bright red color, part of me felt guilty, the other part of me knew I endured far more pain than he had just felt.

"It hurt" he laughed as I shot him a playful glare to him.

"Did I squeeze your hand to hard?" I joked.

A light lit up in his eye "Let's play deduction" he winked. "You clearly were in pain by the bloodshot eyes, sweaty forehead, it was a natural birth, no drugs from the continued irregular breathing. You're-" I grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to kiss me. "Beautiful" he sighed.

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