Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


12. tom and zayn .

Chapter 12

Zayns POV

Zoe started punching his chest but failing as he was much stronger than her " calm down Zoe " he says as she cried it broke my heart she was too delecate to cry " just shut up best-friends don't tell secrets I hate you " she says and rushes put of the room " I think its best that you left " I say and stand up " no she's my friend my best-friend she needs me " he says and I laugh " dude you were the one who made her cry just leave " no shut the fuck up your not the boss " he says that's it I charge at him punching him and he punches back 

Zoe's POV

In between my sobbing I was hearing quite a lot of noise coming from the kitchen what was going on I wipe my tears and unlock the bathroom door and walk to the kitchen to see zayn and  tom fighting on the kitchen floor while harry and niall was trying to pull them off each other " I fucking hate you " tom screams and zayn punches him " what the hell is happening here " I say trying to pull them off each other when tom takes a swing and this time not at zayn but me knocking me back on the floor " Zoe I'm so so- " tom doesn't finish to say when zayn kicks him harry  grabs zayns and pulls him back while niall held Tom while I had my hand on my head lying on the floor I try to stand up but fall down on the ground " Zoe " zayn says and reaches Down to lift me up " go away I hate you " I say and he looks down at me from his arms still topless  he lays me down on the couch and Goes into the kitchen bringing out a bagof pees and placing it on my left eye " yous had to start a fight didnt you " i say look at tom across the room near thre door " no zoe list- " tom doesnt mange to finish when i interrupt him " just shut up and leave and don't come back okay harry let him out " I say and close my eyes " I'm sorry " Zany says and I smile " its fine I'm just wondering how I'm not knocked out lying in hospital " i say and he laughs " yeah me too I hate him " he says and I laugh " me too " " what did he mean your last relationship " he says and a tear drops down my cheek " hey don't cry I'm sorry " he says and I open my eyes to see him leaning in to kiss me our lips connect and I real a spark I know so cliché but its the truth when harry come into the room and we pull away " you knew zany that I liked her " he says and walks out of the room while I looked confused at zany " he likes you and so do I " he says and kisses me again wow harry ands Zayn like me this is going to be weird .

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