Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


11. i hate you .

Chapter 11

" hey what was that animal talk " tom says and I laugh " its mine and Harry's thing " I say " well how come we don't have our thing " he says and I laugh as we enter the kitchen to see a topless harry ands zayn wow zayn was well fitter than harry wow what am I saying I don't like anyone if them i walk to the counter and start making myself some cereal " hey want some tomo " I say and he nods as I now prepare 2 bowls of cereal " so how old are you guys " tom suddenly asks harry and zayn " I'm 19 and harrys 18 " zayn says and smiles in my direction I begin to blush and turn around to bring the cereal to the table " wow I'm only 17 " tom says trying to make conversation " that's great mate " Harry says and I laugh " wow guys give him a break he's trying to talk to you " I say looking at tom who was staring at me " well sorry miss Zoe " zany says and comes to hug me from behind I could see Harry stare at him and tom as well I turn around to say to face huis godass body " apology accepted  now talk to him like a normal person " I say and push him away from me wow I bet he would be a great kisser snap out of it Zoe he would never like me I am fat and nobody likes someone I who's fat I look at my plate of food what was I doing eating like a monster I push my bowl away from myself and pour everything in the bin " was the cereal not nice niall suddenly says from behind me " yeah its weird " I say and walk to the bathroom walking past him i take my two fingers and push them down my throat until I have puked all my breakfast I clean myself up and walk back towrds the kitchen  as I was about to enter the kitchen I hear tom harry and zany talking " look if anyone of you hurt my Zoe I will end you " says tom " why in the world would we hurt her " zany says raising his voice and standing up " I'm just saying she's had other boyfriends and they weren't that great  her last was the worst so be good to her " tom says and I slam open the door " how dare you tom tell them about my last boyfriend I told you not to tell anybody how could you " I say and begin to cry and punch him in the cheast of course I was weak and he could hold me off " he Zoe calm down " he says " just shut up okay best-friends don't tell secrets I hate you " I say and rush out of the room how could he he promised he promised I rush into the bathroom and begin to sob loudly .


Hey guys I hope you like this chapter loads of drama anyways please llike , comment and favorite xoxxoxoxoxoox

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