Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


6. i dont know now ?

Chapter 6

As the show goes on and I walk in and out of the stage the only taught that was onmmy mind was what should I do mabey I should change my mind I was buzzing with the taughts that I didn't notice the boys coming over to me " so are you all set " Harry says and winks "I don't know I'm not sure i think I'll stay " I say to see their happy faces drop *oh.. Please come we taught we would never see you and seeing you today made us happy please come on tour with us " Niall says almost begging me with the rest nodding 

Niall's POV 

I don't get it why would she not want to come with us its not nlike we did anything to her I look at her and see her taking a glance at a Lady who was talking to a man and suddenly I understood why she didn't want to leave because she only stated working here and as well its mabey her dream "look were sorry if we - " I say to be cut off by her voice. " I'll go but let me take my bags and stuff and I'll meet you in the airport at what time " she says " well meet us at 2:00 the afternoon " Harry says and ui could see all of us starting to smile the only reason was because this amazing beautiful girl was coming with us on tour and she seemed amazing to me but I have a feeling all the lads have something for her whoch doesn't come into my books cose I always like different girls compered to them  i watch as Dawn ruses off to her table to collect all her stuff and grab her bag " well see yah guys tomorrow hiope ypou have a good one " she says and leaves us standing at where we are " well that was weird " Zayn says and we all agree Paul suddenly opens the back door where Dawn ran out with a limo in front of it we all walk out and open the door to see her sitting on a seat " well hello babe " Harry says and put a arm around her my arm tenses but I can't let t he to me as I've only seen her twice. She pushes His  arm away " sorry things like that don't work on me " she says and all of us laugh " it will soon tho babe " harry says making kiising faces at Dawn whole she laughed with the rest of us "your managerus ggiving me a lift home " she says and we nod "well anyways my stop is here she says just as the limo stops " well see yahs tomoz " she says and slams the limo door shut wow this ones gonna be a wild one 💕👌💙💎🌏❎🔮💔🙋😪👎❤👄👣


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