Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


7. food

Chapter 7

I get up early and pack my bags with the most important things and send a text to my mum to keep her updated with what happening as I have the lasdt few months I hire a cab and get on my way to the airport 

Skip cab ride

I rush out of the cab thrusting the money into the cab drivers hand I was late there was traffic great I rush down the isles as I get to the one where I could see the boys waiting impatiently tapping their shoes on the ground " hey lads " I say quickly taking deep breatghes as they laugh " got up late Bae " niall says and I smile nope but there was traffic so let's get going  " I say as we walk over to the passport patrol and hand them in we board the flight andsit down me in between harry and niall ( great )  note sarcasm i don't recon Harry but I guess I really like naill I put my ear phones in my ears and close my eyes as we lift off with the plane shaking from under neath me as I listened to Lana Del Rey one of my idols I open my eyes just as the plane switches off seatbelewithouttake and take my ear phones out " so what am I ging to be doing with you guys " I say and Harry smiles " loads " " well that's really use full " I say annoyed " your just going to be doing a few photos shoots and flying around with us and stuff nothing much I guess " Niall says and I nod while Harry looked pissed off  the flight attended cones with the food tray and I ask for some soup and a glass of water while harry asked for the same while Niall went a littleover bored not that anybody seemed surprised only me and the flight attendend wghile hepuled the food in his mouth while I looked at the soup wondering should I eat it what if I get fat and all the boys will kick me off tour no I'm not going to eat I push the cup off soup away and Harry looks at me " aren't you going to eat that babe " he says and I shake my head "  no I think I'll get dizy and stuff on board " I say and he seems satisfied by my answer while Niall just continued to pile in the food in his mouth i put the ear phones back in my ears and listen to music through out the whole flight 

*Landed now * 

" wow that was a long flight " I say stretching my hands and legs as I got out " yeah I know right " Zayn said  as a cab drove in front of us and we got in " are not hungry " Niall says and we all laugh " are you still hungry I'm never hungry I say " as the laughing dies down " same here Icould go days without food byt I'd die as if anyone would survive " Harry says andI laugh fakely because iIhave gone 3 days without eating food it was for Victoria secret  I obviously hadn't told no one and u won't tell anyone as we drove doepwn the British roads I spotted someone who looked very familiar it was ...........

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