Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


3. celebs

Chapter 3

"Come on Dawn time to wake up " I hear Liams voice say to me " no leave me alone " I say and snuggle down into the seat " we landed come on " he says and I groan I feel him lift me up and I snuggle down into his cheast " get her bags Niall " I hear him say to Niall " to get a response from another person " shes so cute " I hear a voice say I still dont open my eyes Liam carrys me and the door opens and I'm half deaf by the noise of people screaming my eyes shoot open and my jaw drops Liam carrys me down the steps near hundreds of girls screaming and the guards keeping them in " Liam do you have something to say " I say and put my serious face on " well apart from that we are the most famouse band at the moment no nothing " he says and laughs " we " I say " yeah me Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn " says Liam pointing at them as we walk and they all smile as he points " whats your name sweetie " Harry says in a flirty way " Dawn " I say plainly I hate boys like Harry thinking they could get a girl at the click at his fingers you have to put effort at least for me  Liam carrys me into the building and puts me down " thanks it was nice meeting you bye " I say and start walking away " wait " I her all the boys say at once " can we at least have  a phone number so we could keep in touch " Louis says and I bite my lip "um... well I don't have a phone so sorry " I say and they all look at me shocked " well nice talking to you then " Liam says and walks over and gives me a hug and the rest come after him aswell hugging me if only they knew me for not even a day " bye " I say and start walking when I see Mrs staring at me" what took ou so long and why where you with those boys do you even know who they are " she says as I would be thick " I was asleep, tht are my friends and they are famous thats all I know " I say and she sighs deeply " well lets get going you will need around 2 months to get your self looking fit and nice so we have a long 3 months " she says as we start walkin out of the air port....

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