Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


2. bye and hello

Chapter 2

"Oh.. Honey I'm going to miss you so so much  " Mum says as she hugs me tightly " me too I have to go " I say and pull away and look at her wet eyes full of tears ( it seemed like I was dying or something ) she kisses my head and I run look one last time at her I was starting a new life as a model my dream is coming true I run ti the gate way and see ms.lelita standing her arms folded looking annoyed ( great what have I done now ) " Hello miss I'm here " I say and she looks at me " you look better but your 5 mins late what took you so long " she says annoyed " umm.... stuff you know " I say " well come on or we'll be late " she says and takes her suitcase and leads the way as I follow her we get to the gate and we go past the gate way and into the plane first class a ladie waves to her and her face lights up and she smiles they walk over to each other and have a long conversation when she says " Dawn you go sit over there I'm going to sit With LoLa " she says and turns away ( great ) I walk over to a row with no people there I sit down beside the window and put my ear phones in my ear and put on Someone else by -Miley cyrus and close my  eyes when the seat moves beside me I open one eye  and a boy with brown hair and a birth mark on his neck was sitting beside me I look astonished he was pretty  good looking to be fair probably a model he looks at me and I smile " hey " he says " hey " I say " My names Liam whats yours " " my names Dawn -Dawn -Dawn Ball I say after the third time " thats a nice name " he says and I smike a boy was sittin beside him with amazing blonde hair and crystal blue eyes " hey I'm Naill " he says and my heart nearly melts with his irish accent " hey im Dawn " I say and he smiles " so you going to Paris " Liam says and I nod " yeah work " I say and thy both nod " same " Naill says " are you not a bit young for work you know " Liam says and I furrow my eye brows " no are you too young " I say " no im 20 " he says " well im 18 years old so im not too young " I say as I feel the plane moving off of the ground " oh.... cool " Naill says and smiles " what are yah listening to " Liam asks " someone else by Miley " I say and he nods " yeah shes great and kind " Niall says " what have you meet her " I ask " yeah we were at a party with her " Liam says and I nod in disbelief ( yeah right they were at a party with Miley ) Liam takes one of my ear phones and puts it in his ear and so do I as Miley blasts in our ears.

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