Model With Secrets

Dawn modelling for Victoria Secret one day finds 5 guys sitting infront of her picking a model and she seems to be the one they want .but she doesn't seem keen but then 2 boys fall for her who will she choose and what are the secrets shes holding inside ? Xxxx


9. bae 💕

Chapter 9

And that was Niall for the,reason being I know that Tom wouldn't ever like me we were best friends nothing else but me and niall I guess we could be together just as Harry was about to put his hand on my shoulder niall puts his hand there instead and sits beside me " it's mad here Zoe mad here ' he says and laughs  and so do I i was glad that Harry wasn't sitting beside me but I could still feel him  staring at me to be honest I don't know why I hated him mabey it was because he was a player but other than that he was amazing he was sweet and very good looking guy mabey i could like him we were all still driving when we sropped which must havw been their house because it was huge it was spot on in the middle of London with a red shiney door and lanterna on each side with a cute lwiitle garden in the front " wow this place is sweet " I say still gazing at this little neat place " don't be filled " Liam says and rolls his eyes we get out of the car and Louis opens the front door to see around 30 boxers on the ground 100 pairs of shoes magazines clothes and all sorts of things on the ground " wow this is chaos" Tom says and chuckles while all the boys blushed at the mess they made " its fine lads its like this behind the stage of Victoria secret trust me " I say and they all laugh as a sigh of relief we step over all the clothes to the living room which was spotless to my surprise " we only keep the living room clean " Niall says and laughs I could already tell this is going to be one jell of an adventure with the lads I could feel it tbh 💕💕



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