Give me Love

Harry Styles FanFiction (Non Famous)

The way he smiled at her, the way she rejected him. The way he held her, the way she pushed him away. The way he ran for her, the way she ran away from him. The way he saved her, the way she let him. He gave her love and she accepted it.


4. Chapter 4

It has been a week already since I moved away from my mother’s house. It still seems somewhat unreal, however, I got used to the new change and place. I blink a few times and yawn once again. I don’t really feel like getting up and going to work and desperately want to stay under the covers; warm and cosy. I didn’t expect to start working so soon. It has only been a week since I applied for the job and two days later they replied and told me that I start working today. I sit on the bed for a while a look around my room. I shove the sheets off me and get out of bed. Obviously, the January weather is affecting me and I am already getting cold. I brush my hair and messily braid it on the side of my head.

I go back to my bedroom and put on a pair of skinny jeans. They hadn’t specified the clothing wear. They simply told me to wear something comfortable and that they will give me two work t-shirts on my first day of work, which was today. So, I pull a cosy sweater over my head and grab a jacket. I don’t bother on making a fancy breakfast since I’m short on time. I open the top cupboard and stuff my mouth with a chocolate muffin. Chocolate isn’t quite my cup of tea, but I absolutely adore those muffins.

I snatch my handbag and toss my phone in it. It already contained quite some essentials so I don’t bother on adding more to that. After grabbing my keys, I walk out slowly and catch the bus to work. It doesn’t take long to arrive since my work place isn’t that far from my apartment. I enter the building and I look around. I get confused and at first think I am at the wrong place. I decide it was better to ask someone so I walk to the receptionist.

“Excuse me,” I said politely, trying to draw the receptionist’s attention. She looks quite young; no sign of wrinkles of anything like that. “Where is the toddlers’ playgroup?” I ask, as politely as I can. She looks up at me and flashes a smile.

“You walk down that corridor and on your right you see an elevator. The playgroup is on level 3. Once out, walk straight and you’ll see it immediately once you turn right,” she explains.

“Thank you so much.”

I follow her instructions and try and not get lost. When I find the elevator, I take a deep breath and wait for it to come down. I press the level 3 button and wait for the door to close. I haven’t expected the building to be so big. It has seven stories, all of them having different clubs and rooms. I learn that the building is called ‘R. Twist Buildings’. When the elevator stops at my destination I get out and walk to the toddlers’ playgroup. The door is open; however there is no sign of a young crawling human being. I only see a girl about my age tying her shoe lace. She notices me and looks at me. She has gorgeous blonde hair and unlike mine, it is braided beautifully on the side of her head as well.

“The playgroup doesn’t start until 8:30,” she states, annoyance in her voice. I look at her puzzled and realise that she thinks I came to drop off a small child. When she realises I have no child with me, she speaks again, quite rudely. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

I shoot her a disbelieving look and open my mouth to respond, but someone interrupts me.                       

“Oh give her a break Jen,” a red head says. She looks quite friendly, unlike the blonde. She walks towards me and introduces herself. “I’m Tania. You must be the new girl. I believe Zayn said something about a new employee starting today.” Tania smiles at me and holds out her hand for me to shake.

“Hi, I’m Bethany,” I let go of her hand and start removing my jacket. Tania tells me to follow her into the employees’. I hang my jacket and put my bag under it. She gives me the two t-shirts and I change quickly in the bathroom. It’s a simple yellow top with the name of the building at the back and the name of the playgroup at the front.


I go back in the big room where I met the rude blonde and now see that a lot of toys are being set. I introduce myself to the guy who has just arrived, whom I figure was Zayn and I start helping the others get out all the toys.

“So is it just us here?” I question.

“No-” Zayn tells me.

“During our shift there’s another girl but she doesn’t really talk to anyone except to the little ones,” Tania interrupts Zayn. He gives her a look and she puts out her tongue at him, making him chuckle. I somehow sense there is something going on with them, but I don’t ask since it’s not really my business.

Parents and guardians start coming immediately at 8:30 and we all start taking care of the little ones. Erin, the other girl, arrived a few minutes after I kind of asked about her. I introduced myself but only received a small shy smile back. I don’t really mind. She is just reserved, like me.

There are about 9 toddlers running around and playing with the toys we got out for them. I scold a little boy who looks like is biting a doll’s head. I thought this job was going to be difficult, but it actually isn’t. They are so cute and I love watching them smile. I wish I am just like them; happy, smiling and without any problems. I wish I have their life. All I have is a hard life that fucking hates me.

“Excuse me,” I hear a raspy voice say. I was so distracted that I didn’t even hear the door open. I snap out of my thoughts and look at the person who spoke. It’s a guy, who’s slightly taller than me. I turn my head and look at his face. He kind of looks familiar, but I can’t remember of whom he reminds me of. “I came to leave Lux here,” he tells me really slowly. I look down and see a small blonde girl holding his leg. Her blue eyes are fixed on me and I curve my lips into a small smile.

“Sure,” I speak, still looking down at the cute little girl. I bend down to look at her properly but she holds on to the guy even more. “Hi there,” her cuteness making me smile. “Why don’t you go play with the other children?” I suggest. She looks at me for a few seconds but then lets go of his leg and goes to play. I look at her run and then sit on the ground. She grabs a doll from the floor and goes to play with another girl. I get up and look at the guy who brought her here.

 “Are you new here? Have never seen you before,” the guy questions. He puts his hand through his hair as he waits for me to answer.

“Yes, it’s my first day,” I reply. I turn around and help a boy get up from the ground. I sense the guy follow me and feel rather uncomfortable.

“I don’t mean to be creepy or anything like that, but you look familiar,” he tells me. I turn around and look at him weirdly. “I’m sorry, did I creep you out?” he chuckles.

“Yes,” I say bluntly.

He smirks at me and I furrow my eyebrows. His smirk makes me remember. We have met before. It wasn’t long ago. He was the guy who helped me when I was lost. However, I don’t say a thing. He laughs at my expression.

“We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

“No, we haven’t,” I lie. He smiles and deep dimples pop out. “I must go back to work.”

I walk away from him and go to the bathroom. I don’t know what the reason behind my behaviour was but I don’t think about it. After a few minutes I get back out and see Zayn and Tania talk to the guy I ran away from. I figure he notices me because when his eyes meet mine, he smiles. I roll my eyes and go play with Lux. She is so adorable, and this time she isn’t scared of me. She looks at me and gives me one of the dolls she was playing with. I take it and do what she is doing.

“How old are you, Lux?” I ask, trying to be friendly. She showed me two fingers and I figure she told me she was two years old. “Wow, you’re almost my age!” I joke. She laughs and I smile.

I look up and see the guy walk to the door. He’s looking at me and before he gets out he winks, again. I realise that he knows how and where we met. He was definitely just messing around. I roll my eyes and continue playing with Lux.

“He’s crazy,” I whisper to her. She laughs once again and I can’t help not smiling.

“So you know Harry.”

I look up and see Jen staring down at me. Her hands are on her stomach and her eyes are fixed on mine. She doesn’t seem to like me, which is stupid since she barely knows me.

“Who’s Harry?” I question, confusion hinting my voice. The name doesn’t ring a bell. I get up and wait for her to answer. She laughs mockingly and shakes her head.

“Don’t act like you don’t know who he is.”

She is starting to confuse me, not to mention she was being rude. I stare at her, completely puzzled, and wait for her to say something else.

“How do you know him?” she finally speaks.

“I’m not joking. I don’t know who you’re talking about,” I tell her in frustration. She’s really not doing a great job on trying to make me like her.

“So I assume the guy who just winked at you is a stranger,” she says, her voice full of sarcasm.

“Yes,” I say abruptly. It isn’t a lie. I don’t actually know him. I didn’t even know his name until she came to talk to me.

“Did your mother ever tell you not to lie?” she says quite offensively.

“Did your mother ever tell you not to be a bitch?” The words came out before I could even stop them. However, I was quite proud of my answer. She really deserved a taste of her own medicine. 


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