Give me Love

Harry Styles FanFiction (Non Famous)

The way he smiled at her, the way she rejected him. The way he held her, the way she pushed him away. The way he ran for her, the way she ran away from him. The way he saved her, the way she let him. He gave her love and she accepted it.


3. Chapter 3

*Two years later*

“Call me if you need anything, okay?” my mom says as she takes me in her arms. I know this is going to be hard for her since I’m going to leave her. I am sure she will miss having me around her to keep her company. I didn’t know why I still wanted to move to London. It is kind of selfish of me to leave my mother and move away, leaving her alone in that awful house. I know that she’s going to feel lonely and the fact that that house has many memories, especially the ones that included my brother, will make her sad to be alone now that I’ve left as well. I just wanted to get away. That house reminds me of many things that I hate and desperately want to forget and living there will not help. Moving away was the only solution I could think of.

“I will,” I speak, almost in a whisper. I let go and she wipes away some few tears that have managed to fall out of her sparkling blue eyes. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay? I hate the fact that I’m going to leave you alone,” I admit. She gives me a reassuring smile and nods. She kisses my forehead and hugs me once again.

“Take care,” she tells me softly as she walks to the door. I wave good-bye and watch her leave. I walk to the window and wait for her to get in the car. Before she drives off back to Manchester, I see her wave at me and I force a smile and wave back. Then, she disappears into the busy traffic.


I decide to make myself a hot cup of tea and remember that I don’t have any food or drinks so I make a list for all the groceries I need. I check the time and settle on going shopping. I search for the nearest supermarket on my phone and grab my purse. I put my keys in my pockets and walk outside. I follow the directions on my phone and when I arrive at the destination I get a trolley and go inside. I search and grab the things on my list and once ready I check out and pay for everything. I buy more than I expected and end up with quite a few bags. I put my phone in my jeans pocket and throw the purse in one of the bags. I start walking to my apartment but get lost since I didn’t follow any directions. I stop in front of a house and put one bag between my feet as I slip out my phone. I put some strands of hair behind my ear and look around for any sign of street name. I see a guy walking towards my direction and think about asking him but decide against it since I don’t want to make a fool out of myself. I realize that I’m staring when I see him looking at me. I immediately look back at my phone, pretending to text someone but unfortunately the cute guy isn’t as stupid as I have hoped he would be.

“Excuse me, are you lost, Love?” he questions in a raspy voice. I look up and see him stare down at me. He clears his throat as he waits for an answer.

“Um, n-no,” I stutter. I can feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment. I can’t believe I made myself look like such a fool.

“Are you sure?” he asks once again, furrowing his brows. His green orbs are on mine. His eyes remind me of my brother’s; cheerful and caring.

“Yeah, I’m just waiting for my friends,” I lie, looking down at my fingers which still haven’t typed in the address I want. I can feel the guy’s eyes looking down at my phone from the corner of my eyes and I know I had been caught. I bite my bottom lip and put my head down.

“There,” he tells me. I look up back at him and see his plump lips curve in a charming smirk as he points to sign that tells you the street address. He awkwardly ruffles his hair and puts his hand back in his pockets.

“Thanks,” I thank. I’m thankful he has passed through this neighbourhood; otherwise I would have been completely lost. Then suddenly, I’m caught off guard by his actions, not knowing what he is going to do. He moves closer and I freeze, thinking he was about to kiss me. He laughs, and I realize he knows I have been startled by his proceedings. Instead he ducks down and picks up the plastic bag of groceries from the floor and handed it to me.

“Anytime,” he almost whispers and winks at me. My mouth drops open and I can imagine how shocked I must look. He chuckles and nods, as in to say good-bye. I watch him walk away and then he suddenly turns and opens a gate and gets in. Even from a distance I can see him smile and I know he knows I’m watching him. He gets out to what I figure that must be his keys, and opens the door. I see him wave at me and I curve my lips into a shy smile. I realise it was the first time I have smiled in ages. Then he simply gets in the house.

I just stand there for a few seconds then laugh at what just happened. I shake my head and type in the address the random stranger jut told me. I carefully follow the directions, not wanting to get lost again, and make my way to my new apartment.

I place all the groceries in the cupboards and fridge, and make myself that hot cup of tea I had wanted earlier. I get out my mug that I have brought from my mom’s house and fill the coffee pot with water. I wait for the water to boil and make my cup of tea. I sit on the sofa and switch on my laptop. I check my emails and start my search for a new job since in three weeks I have to start paying the rent on my own, plus, I need money to live. I find some options and at first I was going for the simple job as barista at Starbucks, but when I come across an advertisement for the need of employees at a toddler playgroup, I instantly send in my application. I feel my stomach grumble and cook myself a small dinner. The pizza I cooked disappears quickly. I hadn’t realized I was that hungry. I take a shower and brush my teeth and fix on getting in bed a little earlier than usual. I grab my Nicholas Sparks book and continue reading ‘A walk to Remember’. After a while, I get too sleepy and I just close my eyes and sleep.

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