Veronica Roth is not just an author.
Divergent is not just a book.
Divergent means more. It was Veronica's own little rebellion against the corrupted government. They had planned to destroy the world. and Veronica and her own little army had planned to take her down.
One question remains: will she triumph or die in the name of saving the world...


2. The Next Day

One day later


After writing the letter, I agreed to meet with a friend in the local Starbucks. She was the one who was going to make the letter public. Jenny was a computer genius and said she could find ways to leak my story to the media. She promised to do it once I was taken. I walked into Starbucks and there she was sitting there, her dirty brown hair blending into the environment. She was sat on the high tables by the window in order to keep our deal as inconspicuous as possible. If anyone of importance saw us, it would not only get me into bother, but Jenny too.


I went up to the barista and ordered a frapuccino, being careful not to disclose my full name. I stood and waited. I took my coffee once my fake name was called and walked toward Jenny. I was staring past her out the window at the lush scenery. Everything was so green. Then I saw the car. I dropped my frapuccino in shock. On a quiet street front, a huge Hummer with tinted windows was sure to attract attention, but no one would be concerned by it. But they would be concerned if they knew the reason why it was here. For me.


I was frozen for a few seconds, paralysed with fear. They had tracked me down. This time was not going to fight, I was going to make a stand. I was going to let them catch me. I was sick of running. Sick of hiding. Sick of not facing reality. I created Tris Prior. Now, I needed to act like her. I shut my eyes and muttered under my breath, 'I am selfish, I am brave.' My own quote. One that I should live by more often. I would show them they did not own me. They were not right. They do not deserve to triumph. They deserve to lose. And that is what I am going to make happen, wether or not that act will be my last, we will just have to wait and see.


I dashed up to Jenny. I was hoping she could get away with the tiny memory pen intact. Once I gave her the go ahead, it could be online in twenty minutes. 'GO!' I shouted at her, 'go out of state or as far I away from here as you can. Upload it somewhere they can't track you and hide. If they find you, they'll kill you. Don't let that happen. And thank you. Your help has meant a lot to me.' She stared at me in astonishment as I handed her the memory pen. From peripheral vision, I could see the men leaving the car. I only had a seconds before they got here. 'Run' I told her, I looked her square in her fearful eyes, 'and don't look back.'


As I watched Jenny run up the street toward her car, I took a moment to compose myself, realising what I had just done and wandered over to a table and sat down, waiting for the men to find me. They were running frantically into every shop on the street, searching for me. As they ran into the fashion store next door, I braced myself for what was coming. Death was imminent for all of us, for some of us it may be expected and we will pass quietly, without a fight. I don't want to die. I had a good life before, I'll always be running like this but I've had enough of this hiding. I'm not ready to die, I'm ready to fight. I'm ready to win.


As I saw the men run past the Starbucks window, I was shocked by a sudden jolt of fear and adrenaline. I was ready. I knew what I had to do. Their secret is out. They can't stop me now. I have done the damage, now it is up to them with how to deal with it... and how to deal with me.


The café was relatively quiet for a Friday morning. As I stood up, I saw the date. The 13th how appropriate. Suppose some superstition is true then... Once that front door opened,  I recognised his stature immediately, even before he removed his mask. John Bennett. The traitor. The real life Caleb Prior.


I reached for my back pocket and grabbed my gun. I held it firmly with both hands behind my back, preparing to shoot.  John's eyes were fixed on me, he had noticed me. Time to do or die. I drew the gun out from behind my back and pointed it at his head.  I smirked at his evil glare. Oh, and there was one thing I forgot to tell you, Caleb and Tris were siblings, right?


'It's been a long time, brother.'

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