Veronica Roth is not just an author.
Divergent is not just a book.
Divergent means more. It was Veronica's own little rebellion against the corrupted government. They had planned to destroy the world. and Veronica and her own little army had planned to take her down.
One question remains: will she triumph or die in the name of saving the world...


1. The Letter

Dear public,


What you are about to read is my own personal experience with the government. If you are seeing this, it means they have got me, and that I am most likely dead. This is what they have planned for us. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what your precious government has been doing. Little realized and out of those who did, no one has ever done anything with the information. This is my stand. Stand with me or the villains, I can only assure you of one thing: one side will fail and one side will win. Which side is which... well make your mind up after reading this.


It is near the end now. One can only run for so long. I knew this day would come the moment I decided to begin my little act of rebellion against the united states government. Since the fifth of April 2011, the date I published Divergent, I have known there was no escape. I have left orders, orders for people with power, that this document to become accessible to everyone , if, correction when, they take me. Nothing is permanent.  Nothing will last for ever. There is a consequence for all your actions and for me, the consequence has the potential to be huge. And most likely, life threatening.


The public eye. That is how Nelson and I have kept hidden. If you surround yourself with people all the time, it is harder for them to pull something off. They will try. They have tried. But they have failed. The only thing they seem to be doing is giving us time to become stronger, collectively and the power to stand up to them. What they want is corrupt. I worked for them, I know better than anyone. That is what Divergent is about: to illustrate what the government is trying to do to them. Only a select few caught on. Those people are my allies, my confidates, the only reason I'm still alive.

Many saw Divergent as a post apocalyptic novel about coming of age and making choices that will affect your life forever. But it is not.  It is much more than that. The only reason I'm not dead yet is because I have not done anything huge, nothing that would cause a revolt or rebellion. Not until this.


It has a deeper message. A warning. Everything symbolizes something. The three birds tattoo, that was the emblem of the project. The prior project. The governments attempt at destroying the world as we know it and creating an even more corrupt society, one which they held an iron grip over.


In 2001, I became an agent for The Federal Government of the United States. I worked abroad a lot and became a well renowned spy in the business,  working several times for the president himself. I was young. In hindsight,  even then, everything was corrupt. The tasks they were asking me to carry out were unnecessary and from an outsiders point of view,  it would seem like the government enjoyed to terrorize the people they knew did not have any information for them anyway. It was a sick game. All the big shots in the government were trying to win in the endless power struggle, the rest of us, as in the public, were like lambs to the slaughter, being blindly led and only being told the sugar coated version of everything.


In 2004, a new paths emerged for me. At the time, I was dating Nelson Fitch, a high up government official and my future husband. As the relationship grew more serious, I became acquainted with his work colleagues. The more I got talking to these politicians,  the greater interest I took in the behind the scenes running of our government. 

On the 2nd February 2005, I received a letter. It looked awfully formal and under further inspection,  I saw the official white house seal.  Taking a deep breath in I opened it. It summoned me for a meeting with none other than President George W. Bush.


Three days later, I met him in the oval office. I had assumed there would be others at the meeting but I arrived and was ushered in, alone. I was shaking. Despite having done work for Bush before, I had never met the man. Being alone with him in his grand office was intimidating. He stood up from his chair, his presence dominating the room, too large for only two people.


'As I'm sure you have guessed, I called you here for a reason,' I looked at him and nodded, 'I have a proposal for you, Miss Roth. I need your help. I have selected a team, the elite of my network. And, out of the twenty or so people I have asked to join, I want you to be one of them. This project will change all of our futures. It is a task which will require bravery, honesty, sacrifice, mercy and great intelligence.' The grey haired man smirked. The smirk broadened into a smile and the smile erupted into light laughter. It was as if someone had just told a hilarious inside joke that I wasn't privy to. But of course, I soon knew what those five things represented. The factions. I was standing in front of his desk awkwardly watching him gaze out the window deep in thought after his fit of hysterics.  I was never one to get noticed, always blending in, and yet the president of the United States had noticed me.


'Miss Roth,' he turned slowly to me and said, 'I'm going to need a decision now. If you do not wish to accept, there is no hard feelings and you can still carry on with your job, but remember this, once my plan succeeds,  you will not receive the privilege you would if you joined my team.' It was a no brainer. I was just asked by the president to be part of his top secret plan. Of course I would accept.  It was an honour,  and that young, naive part of me did it for the power of being part of something bigger than the government.

'I'll do it. But I want to know what I have signed up to before I leave.' If I was signing up to something the president thought was big, it would be an understatement to say I was intrigued. 
'Project Prior. In this file is all the necessary information you will need. I will have one of my secretaries email you rendezvous points for meetings. And Miss Roth, if you tell anyone this, I will end your life faster than you can utter the words.' And with he hastily handed me the file, with three black birds in a circle on the front, and I turned, walking toward the door without looking back at the man at the desk.


That encounter left me with many unanswered questions and I was skeptical as to how this file could contain all the information I needed. I flagged down the nearest yellow taxi and headed home. The moment I stepped through the front door, I knew someone had been in my apartment. On the coffee table sat a note, again sporting the white house seal. I flipped it over, in scrawly men's handwriting it said 'Sorry for intruding but we needed to take precautions and rig your apartment with cameras. -Bush.' It was nice to know the government never lose touch. They are there. Always. Watching.


The file told me everything about Project Prior and also gave me the reason to write Divergent. The plan included everything. Even if at the moment Bush handed me the file he had wanted to put the plan into action, he could have. Everything was arranged with military precision. The only question left on everybody's lips was when? When would he give us the go ahead to dismantle the democracy of America and ruin the country bit by bit until it had passed the point of repair. When would he give us the order to begin to destroy the world as we know it?


The file gave details of the plan. Bush, and apparently the next president Obama who was also in cohorts with him, planned to exterminate a great percentage of the population. He felt like America was growing too large and becoming harder to handle. They planned to dwindle the population down to the size of one state. Illinois in particular. There was a plan to divide people up according to their main personality traits and over time, they should be able to brainwash people into a pragmatic way of thinking, eventually being able to establish a cruel dictatorship.
They had planned five factions.
Dauntless. The brave.
Erudite. The intelligent. 
Amity. The peaceful.
Candor. The honest.
Abnegation. The selfless.
And then, as with all plans. The loop hole. The Divergent.


They had serums. Top secret formulas that could create scenarios in one's head, just like the fear serum from my books- which is a real thing they planned to use to torture people. Along with the death serum. And the truth serum. They had something for everything. Their completely flawless plan. Until I foiled it. I found the loop hole. The Divergent. 


The Divergent were immune to the serums. Meaning they could not be controlled.
This much, I copied from the government. The rest is harder to suss out. The inhumane plans. The way they planned on reducing the population. Go to war.


America planned to declare a nuclear war. The government was prepared, with all the important powers protected. They simply planned to stay in their underground titanium bunker until it died down. Then it gets worse. After they established the dictatorship, they had a use for each of the factions. They wanted to make the dauntless soldiers and cold blooded killers and the erudite weapon manufacturers. They did not want anything but bloodshed. They had every  intention to watch the world burn, without lifting a finger, without their ashes burning in the flames.


World domination. That is all they wanted. War. Death. Complete and utter power. Too much of it will mess you up. It is evident in politics today who has had too much of it. They want to kill everyone apart from their elite race. It is corrupted. Deranged. No one should have to live like they wanted. No one should have blood on their hands. Not without a valid reason. And believe me, their aims were not a reason.


It took me a year and a half to see the light. I walked. Someone, no one knows who, had told a few people about the plan. They were doing whatever they could to stop it. Once my and my now husband Nelson had walked, these people found us. Not long after, I had the idea. I wrote the book. There was so much pent up rage inside me at the corruption of the world we lived in I could have shot someone there and then (hypocritical, right?). But I did not. I wrote. I wrote in a way that would be possible to decipher if someone decided to look deep enough. Some symbolisms were obvious,  others were discreet.  Like every young adult novel, I needed certain things to market it on.  I needed success if I was to piss off the right people. And gain the right ones on my side. 


Divergent had a purpose. The media got it wrong. The majority of people got it wrong. The people I mentioned on the back page of Allegiant got it right. They are on my side. They saw through the façade. They are the reason I am alive.


The three birds tattoo was the emblem for the Prior project. The surname prior was a symbolism for the divided opinions amongst us working on the projects. We were constantly bickering and arguing over varied opinions. Caleb was John Bennett. John Bennett was supposed to side with Nelson and I. But he didn't.  He ratted us out instead. We had planned to leave and go to Peru for a few months until they forgot, but he told. He told, but his version of telling was to go straight to the president himself.  After he heard, we were already out of the country . There was a bounty on our heads and also agents with orders to kill. Once we crossed the Southern American border, they had no jurisdiction.  Of course,  they could have went to their government but that would mean giving details. Details that they could not afford to give away. Details that they could not afford to let us loose with.


Chicago was where it was to begin. They would have allies working on building places for each of the factions. Working on where and how the plan was going to be conducted.  Everything was ready. All they needed now was a when.


The characters like Tori were there to represent the peopleon the project who saw how vitiated the whole plan was, but were too frightened to do anything. They were no Tris, they saw the fault but just did not act against it.


Then the characters like Eric.  The villains,  but not the masterminds. They were there to illustrate the power hungry politicians in the project. They had no purpose. They went along with whatever would get them in the president's good books. They wanted power. The needed it to quench their thirst.  The only problem was, they were looking at the wrong people to obtain it from.


Then you had the masterminds. Those who were cunning and power hungry. I swear to you that Jeanine captured the real life Jeanine's personality to a tee. Every aspect of her was true. Including the putrid personality.  Jeanine was a front runner in project prior and regularly met with the president. An obvious favourite. Oh and the president portrayed someone too. David. Not all bad, but blindly led by others into what they perceive as the best move. When more often than not, a sheep could make a better decision.


I was Tris. It was funny, while writing it I knew she was going to portray me, but in the end she ended up becoming her own person who, whilst small and defenceless, stood up again authority figures and triumphed (well, she still triumphed that last time). Tris managed to stray so far away from my personality and I realised what I was doing. I was trying to make her who I wanted to be, not who I was. I tried to make her the hero, the saviour and the martyr. All that I wanted to do against Project Prior. It was my way of inspiring myself and giving myself the will and inspiration to keep trying to win. But right now, writing this, I think I may have failed in my challenge to triumph. I have realised now that I will die. I will do one of two things: die or kill. Only one thing is for certain though,  I will ruin this government.  Wether this document gets out or I have to do it myself, I will destroy Project Prior if it is the last thing I do. And I have an inkling that it might be.


To my fans, I thank you for buying and reading my books. You made this all possible.  But after this, I am pretty sure I will not be writing any novels again. I hope I can have done something to prevent this plan but if not, enjoy your destruction planet Earth.


Yours truly, 

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