Abducted by 1D

Heidi's parents left her in a small house in summer 09 when she was 10 . Heidi is perfectly happy the her life is until she meets louis,harry,Zayn,Liam and Niall
Find out more in this magical love story


1. walking

Heidi's pov

'Ugr its raining'i mumbled . 'Great I'm gonna be late for school again ' .I walked out the compact house ,slamming the door behind me and munching on my Oreos . I pulled my polka dot umbrella out of my bag ,grabbed my phone and listened to music .I felt like i was being watched .Quickly i turned around ,I saw a white van , Whats happening ....

Suddenly three men jumped out the car .I screamed and ran panicking and not knowing what to do . Lucky I know self defence ,the van drove closer . ' let go of me ' i screeched in there ear .They chucked me into the van i screamed in horror .

Harry's pov

'That girl can scream for ages' i mumbled to louis

'Calm down ' Zayn and Niall said in synced

'WTF how can i calm down I'm being kidnaped by rapist let me go 'the girl sobbed as she punched Niall in the balls .'Sugar Honey Ice Tea man down 'Zayn chuckled

We all took of are masks ,she gave us the are you kidding me look.'EXPLAIN NOW 'she demanded 'feisty one 'louis laughed '

'Well we were playing spin the bottle and Niall dared me to abduct a random girl on a street and i picked you 'Zayn replied

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