Paranormal Incident

Sophie has just recently moved out of her home, with here Mam and Dad. But it isn't before long when she finds something very suspicious and unordinary.


1. Moving away from home

Sophie is twenty-three years old and is going to move into a new house, well it is not exactly new, but it is to her. The house sits in the middle of a field, which is in the middle of nowhere.


It was the 20th of July and Sophie is packing her stuff and all of her hand-made photo albums and small ornaments. She packed three suit cases and five bags. It was 3:30 and Sophie's mother Josephine took Sophie to her 'new' home and helped her get settled. After that they had dinner, they had chicken curry, rice and chips.  

In the house all of the radiators and doors were all creaky and leaky. And all of the rooms in the house were bitter and ice cold. The windows had cracked along the bottom.I felt very self conscious and quite cool, but my eyes were always sore and really liquidy but I never really knew why? 

 The air was always filled with little white dots on a night time and shadows approached me, and I saw blurs near the doors and it really freaked her out!



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