Time of our lives (16+)

Hey I'm Amanda I'm 17 and I love one direction especially Liam, in a week is my birthday I can't wait I'm finally gonna be 18

What do Ashley and Brenda have in mind for Amanda's birthday present will they do something crazzy........


6. The plan

Amanda's P.O.V

I go home around 9 and surprisingly all the girls where there I told them good night and I went to sleep

Destiny's P.O.V

Since it's Amanda's birthday in a couple days me and Brenda wanted to do something special for her maybe something crazy she has been through alot we decided not to involve Ash or she will try to stop us if it was something crazy

"I've got an idea Des " Brenda said

"Please don't tell me it's anything crazzy Brenda"

"We'll it is crazy but Amanda will love it"Jen said

"Ok let's hear it then"

"how about.....we kidnap one direction"

"what the fuck?....Brenda why would we do that to them" I said

"Come on well just keep them for like 3 days that's all"Jen said

" 3 days what is wrong with you we should keep them more"Brenda said

"Come on its a great idea Des"Jen said

"What If we go to prison for kidnapping one direction ever thought of that?"I asked

"Come on they wouldn't have proof plus in our defense it's for a good cause ok"

"What if they try to escape after all they are 5 and we are 3"

"We'll we could just tie them up or something"

I finally gave in "ughhh fine"

"But if we go to prison I'm blaming you"

"Ughhh fine"

~Next morning~

Me ,Jen and Brenda left the house to talk so Amanda wouldn't hear us discuss about our little plan we had in mind so we just went to Starbucks

"So Liam posted on twitter that he and the lads where going to the club on Thursday which is 2 days before Mandy's birthday perfect right and we could just Keep them 3 or 4 days"

"Yeah just two little problems 1)how are we gonna get Amanda not to notice we went to the club? 2) how the fuck are we gonna kidnap them

"1) easy don't tell her were going clubbing tell her you have to work and I'll tell her Me and Jen are sleeping over to an old friends house 2) easy we could drug them with that thing that makes you fall asleep or get them to want us get them inside the car and drug them there or yah know we could nock them out with a bat ether way works"Brenda said the end carelessly

"Ok this better work"

"It will don't worry Des "Jen said

"Ok so tomorrow is Thursday we need to get the things to kidnapp them"

"Way ahead of you I already got the stuff......what if Niall falls in love with me Des omfg should I keep his posters up in my room"

"1) Niall Horan will not fall in love with you 2) you should keep the posters kept dreaming honey"

"Ughh fine what ever let's go I bet Amanda is worried sick about us"

Amanda's P.O.V

I woke up and I still couldn't get through the fact that I took pictures of THE Liam Payne omgf

I wonder where Des,Jen and Brenda are ...I'm so exited about my birthday finally 18. I want to hang out with my friends and go to the mall I don't want a party or anything of that

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