Time of our lives (16+)

Hey I'm Amanda I'm 17 and I love one direction especially Liam, in a week is my birthday I can't wait I'm finally gonna be 18

What do Ashley and Brenda have in mind for Amanda's birthday present will they do something crazzy........


2. The party

Brenda's P.O.V

We got to Lance's house and the house smelled like sweat and alcohol

"Come on my bitch let's get fucking wasted tonight" Jennifer said to me

You see we have that type of relationship where we all call ourselves bitches alot

"Don't do anything you will regret"Amanda warned yeah she's the motherly type

"Dot worry MOM we won't" Jen said reassuring her and exaggerating the MOM part

Jen then dragged us towards the bar where there was Lance serving the drinks

"Ayeee Amanda Brenda Ashley Destiny Jennifer glad you gals made it here"Lance said

"Yep we wouldn't miss this party for the world can I have 7shots of vodka please" I asked

"Yeah shure"

"Brenda are you shure you can handle that" asked Mandy

"Yeah it ok don't worry Ash and Mandy(Amanda)don't drink so they can drive us don't worry Jen drink like there's no tomorrow"

~2 vodka drinks later~

Mandy(Amanda) came and sat nest to me while drinking my other 5 shots of vodka that I got

"Heyyyyy my vodka" I wined

"Sharing is caring bitch"she replyed

"Fine I loveeee you Mandy"

"I loveeee you too Brenda"

"Hey I thought you don't drink Mandy" asked ash as she approached us

"Hey I wanna get fucking wasted to see how it feels" Mandy said as she ordered another shot

"Fine but hang overs are a bitch don't say I dint warn you"ash replyed walking away

"Yeah yeah" Mandy said

Ashley's P.O.V

~30 minutes later~

After Brenda ,Jen, Destiny and Mandy (Amanda)where drunk I decided it was time to go home it was about 2:00 am so I started looking for the girls first I found Destiny and Brenda there they was passed out on the floor I woke them up and went to get Jen from the bar where she was drunk flirting with Lance and laughing like a lunatic and finally I found Mandy chugging down drinks for no reason because she was already drunk I got one by one inside the car and stacked them ontop of each other I meant what do they care if their ontop of each other after all their drunk.....after we got home all 4 of them went straight to the bathroom and started vomiting

"I told you not to get drunk but nooo Jennifer wanted to get fucking wasted" I sayd

"Shut up Ashley you're not the one who is gonna have a hang over tomorrow"

A/N short chapter sorry promise the next is gonna be a little longer

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